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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wordless Wednesday~ 8/16/17

Teacher Dashboard pages

I add this 2 page spread to my planner as a new way for me to keep up with important information throughout the school year.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Homeschool Plans for 2017-2018 School Year

Our son will be 18 years old in October. Say what!!! Where has the time gone y'all? It seems like we just started homeschooling not too long ago. We began homeschooling him in 2nd grade and now he's a Senior. Praise God we've made it this far and we're trusting the Lord for what is ahead. It has been a journey but I would not trade it for anything in the world. Now on to the homeschooling plans. Workboxes still remains part of son's life for organizational purposes. What will we have in the boxes this year?  Keep reading and I'll share that with you.

Bible- The Most Important thing You'll Ever Study. We're on Vol.3. We still do some Notebooking with it as well.

Math- Math U See Algebra 1. Math is not where he's strong academically but it’s okay because we’re working at his pace. We will also keep using some Algebra for Breakfast concepts along with this.

Language Arts- We will continue on with some items from our Homeschool Review Crew items like: Lightning Literature (American: Mid-Late 19th Century), Macbeth, and English on a Roll.

*Since writing is still not one of his strengthens we'll probably do some more of the Jump In in hopes it will help with the other Literature studies.

Science- He will take 2 courses this year. One will be Biology and the other may be Chemisty.

Personal Finance- We're doing Money 101 (tweaked for his understanding) and may add some other bits of needed helps for him too.

Typing- We will continue with The Typing Coach Online Typing Course course that was part of our Homeschool Review Crew items.

Computer- We will continue with CompuScholar Digital Savvy that was part of our Homeschool Review Crew items.

Life Skills- Continue helping him to learn basic self care, living, and work skills he needs to live an independent life.

I also wanted to share something different I added to his planner. I started him with a yearly planner his Freshman year. It is where he keeps his calendar, attendance chart, a schedule of his day, website user names and passwords, ect. Other things in there are lists of helpful things for each subject (ex: period table, list of American Wars, list of presidents and their wives, grammar rules, math terms, writing strategies, ect. This year I added two new pages.

This is his weekly assignments. For the past few years I would print out 36 weeks worth of pages for him to write his assignments on each week. This year I saw something online that I knew would be much better for him. It was similar to what you are seeing here. After drawing all the lines/boxes on this two page spread, I put contact paper over each page to make it last longer. Each Monday he copies from my notebook all his assignments onto sticky notes for each day. At the end of the day he removes the sticky note for all completed assignments for that day. This way I don't have to waiste ink printing all those weekly assignment sheets. He will also be able to see what he still needs to complete from previous days that he didn't get to. If we have a change of plans, he can move his sticky notes around without having to erase and rewrite the assignments.

I took this picture before he had finished writing out his scheduled assignments. That is why some are blank. If for any reason we don't have something planned for a subject for a particular day he can just leave that sticky note on there for weeks to come. He says he likes this new setup. I used small sticky notes for him to write assignments on, and sticky tabs at the top for the names of the courses. I like that the pages are reusable with the use of the contact paper.

This pretty much sums up what is planned for our son's year. As we all know plans can change so nothing is written in stone. Through these last 10+ years of homeschooling I have learned to leave room for God to lead us down another path. We don't know what lays ahead but in the end what matters is that our son is in God’s Will for his life. Thanks so much for reading. May God bless you and your families school year too!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017

Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!~ Review

Hello dear readers. I have shared with you before that our son learned Latin. He enjoyed learning to read passages of the Bible in Latin. He loves when we read, study, and have discussions about God’s Word. A student of the Bible will benefit from learning the original meaning of words in the Greek. We were blessed with an opportunity to review the Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! - Level 2 Set from Greek 'n' Stuff.

Greek 'n' Stuff
Greek 'n' Stuff was founded in 1996 by Karen Mohs. She creates curriculum for homeschool, Christian, and classical schools. These consist of Biblical Greek series- Hey, Andrew!Teach Me Some Greek!, Classical Latin series- Latin’s Not So Tough!, and Bible Studies series- Alone with God. Our son has started learning koine Greek with Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! - Level 2 Set from Greek 'n' Stuff. Check out the FAQ page to learn what Kione is.

Hey, Andrew!Teach Me Some Greek!

Greek 'n' Stuff
Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! - Level 2 Set is for students as young as 2nd grade. It can also be used with older students/adults who want to learn the Greek alphabet and basic Greek words. For review we were sent the following:

*Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! Student Worktext- is 144 pages, begins with alphabet review then on to learning new vocabulary words. (cost: $18.95)

*Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! “Answers Only” Answer Key- this is a smaller text that references the student worktext page numbers and answers for the lessons. (cost $4)

*Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! Pronunciation CD- has Biblical Greek, Alphabet song, and pronunciation of the Greek letters (cost: $10)

Greek 'n' Stuff review
The student worktext is consumable and intended to be used up by one student. Their copyright does not allow for you to make copies of the pages to use with more than one student. In the very back you will find the flashcards needed for learning each alphabet and some words. Included are some tips for using them. These cards will need to be cut out and folded in half. To make the cards more durable/sturdy you could laminate them or glue the fronts and backs to index cards.

The inside cover of the pronunciation audio CD tells you what page number in (the particular level) the student worktext each track goes with. Greek 'n' Stuff also offers a “Full Text” Answer Key (duplication of worktext with the answers filled in), Quizzes and Exams, Flashcards on a Ring (printed on cardstock, cut, and hole punched), and more.

Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!
There are 30 lessons. Lessons 1-4 consists of the alphabet review (alphabet  was covered in Level 1). Lessons 5-7 consists of the alphabet practice. Here the student has an opportunity to have a little fun while learning through doing some matching, writing the letters, solving codes, and dot-to-dot. Lessons 8-29 consists of learning new vocabulary or vocabulary practice. Lesson 30 is a final review of what all was learned. The lessons are to be done weekly where you complete an assignment daily. On the bottom of each worktext page there is a box with a reminder to practice the flashcards. Consistent (everyday) practice is essential to helping the letters/words that are learned to stick.

My son enjoyed learning the correct way to sound some of the familiar letters that he had been saying wrong all along. First I let him listen through the whole audio CD before getting started with the lessons. I just wanted to see his reaction to it. It’s obvious it’s geared toward the primary ages by how it sounds. After all he is 17 so I was not expecting him to love it. He did listen to it when necessary to be sure he was sounding out the letters correctly as he went along in the lessons. Each day he did a few pages since they took him less than 20 minutes to complete.

He did not have to make use of the flash cards much after lesson 7. That’s because as he reached the lessons with the vocabulary words it was obvious he had all the letters and their pronunciation memorized. Many times he shared with me what he had learned of the Greek letters and their sounds. I believe learning this bit of Greek language will help him in his Biblical Studies for years to come. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. Other crew members shared their thoughts on different products they received from Greek 'n' Stuff. Be sure to click on the banner below to learn more.

Teach Me Some Greek {Greek 'n' Stuff Reviews}

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