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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wordless Wednesday~ 5/24/17

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Making fresh squeezed O.J. :-)

The Typing Coach~ Review

Hello readers. In this day and age of technology, a much needed skill to learn how to type. Most of the things we use on a daily basis has a keyboard. Just look at your computer, tablet, and Smartphone to see where I’m coming from. Because solid typing skills are a must these days, I wanted to review The Typing Coach Online Typing Course provided by The Typing Coach

The Typing Coach

The Typing Coach is a self paced online course developed by a veteran typing teacher named David Kimball. Mr. Kimball aka The Typing Coach uses a systematic approach to quickly wean the student away from hard to break habits like looking at the keyboard or typing with two fingers. Other bad habits he wants to help you break are sitting huddled over the keyboard and looking at the monitor while typing. By taking The Typing Coach Online Typing Course you can break the cycle of these bad habits in just 10 weeks at a pace of one lesson per week. The course consists of videos, audios, tips, and downloadable (PDF) instructions. The Typing Coach Online Typing Course can be used by anyone ages 8 to adult.
The Typing Coach
For review purposes I received a one year subscription to The Typing Coach Online Typing Course. The course consists of seven lessons along with an introduction and conclusion. There are slower paced lessons for students ages 8-11 and those with special needs. Regular paced lessons are for students ages 12 and up who can do the lessons more independently. To take the course you will need a computer with internet access, a printer, and access to a word processor (like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, or Google Docs). These are a must in order to do the program as designed.

A one year subscription is only $17 a year per student. You can even try a free lesson to see how you like it. The lessons will cover things like:

-Having Good Posture
-Home Row
-Top Row
-Bottom Row
-Shift Keys
-Number Row, ect

The process to get started after you create your account and pay is to first get familiar with how it all works. There are some helpful video tutorials including a visual tour of the course.  Read everything in the course introduction section before attempting to get started. Watch the videos too because it shows an overview of the course and explains what and how to’s. You will also need to visit the Teacher Resource Center to download and print out important information like the Student Packet and Learning Checks. The Student Packet (Audio Course) is needed for the audio lessons and practice the student will be doing. The Learning Checks are especially needed over in the Practice and Testing Center.

The Typing Coach

My son needed more typing practice so I wanted to see if he could learn how to type from The Typing Coach. He has tried several keyboarding and typing programs in the past. The only thing he got out of them was to learn some of the keys and where to place his hands on the keyboard. Unlike this program, they were not geared towards mastery. In fact this typing program uses the old fashioned way to learn how to type. Back when I started high school we learned how to type using typewriters. There was no monitor to look at or backspace button to correct your mistakes. Our paper or workbooks were propped up on a stand to our left and we did not correct any mistakes we made until later on when we had to use a rectangle shaped correction paper that had to be fed through on top of our typing paper. Well that was an interesting trip down memory lane. Now back to what I was saying. 

In The Typing Coach Online Typing Course you must go through each section in order starting with the Course Intro. There is to be no skipping anything. The fact that the typing coach Mr. Kimball emphasizes no errors is one instruction the student must take seriously. He or she cannot move on to the next lesson until they have mastered everything in that lesson. Skipping around will be “detrimental to his or her long term success”. Following the instructions given carefully and practicing daily will help the student learn to type accurately and proficiently. It is suggested that practicing at least 20 minutes daily will help reinforce learning.

ImageThe very first thing my son learned was about posture. In the video he got to see what bad posture looked like.

ImageHe did not know he had been sitting wrong all along. At first he kept talking about how hard it was to sit right, but as of now he pretty much has his posture corrected.

The video showing the correct way to position your hands really helped him as well. He had problems letting his hands lean to the sides or his wrists laying flat on the keyboard. This resulted in him hitting the wrong keys whenever he typed. Now he can keep his hands curved in the right way for better typing.

The Typing Coach Online Program
My 17 year old special needs son was struggling quite a bit at first. After a couple of weeks it seemed we were hitting a brick wall. He could not get past the home row section error free. I contacted David Kimball and through several messages back and forward between us, he helped me to “knock down that brick wall”.  He suggested to have him try going through the slower paced lessons. We still were having trouble getting my son to the zero mistake mark he needed to pass the typing test. He got tired of having to keep repeating the lessons over and over again. I kept reminding him he didn’t have to “be perfect”, but needed to have “no mistakes”.

Another thing I share with David was a modification I had made to help my son. What I did was cover up other words and lines on the page so that he only has to focus on the part he has to type. Some students like my son struggle to process their thoughts/movements. Now having to cover the screen when typing is already part of this program. My son hated this because it really challenged him. I did not let him off the hook on that because it is an important part he needs to get used to. I just used the modification when he was practicing, and when he had to go over to the Practice and Testing Center.

I also kept reminding my son to type slowly and carefully. He was so worried about beating the timer (because it is a timed test) that he would try to type fast as he could. As you can imagine he made many mistakes that way. I’m so glad to be able to share that we had a breakthrough a few days ago. He took the Learning Checks Home Row test #1 and 2 and passed them both with zero errors! This meant he could move on to the next one.


When he did the Learning Checks test #3 he only had 1 error. That is better than he was doing before with many mistakes. When you get an error you have to wait 48 hours before the system will let you retake the test.

As for other modifications if my son were to do The Typing Coach when he were younger, I would have him wear headphones to drown out any other things around him that could be a distraction. Without the modifications I don’t think this program would have been a good fit for him. David Kimball is working on improving The Typing Coach program for special needs. Through suggestions from other homeschooling parents like myself he has put up more detailed videos and instructions for special needs students. I really appreciate he was willing to listen to feedback for making the program work for them.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my review. Other members of the Homeschool Review Crew also had a chance to review The Typing Coach Online Typing Course. Click on the banner below to read what they had to share.
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Monday, May 22, 2017


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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Captain Absolutely~ Review

Hello again lovely readers. Worldview. That is a topic we have been discussing a lot with our son lately. We all have a worldview. It shows up in our values, our beliefs, our priorities, and our perspectives. A worldview is how we view/what we believe about God, mankind, our reason for existence, life/death, and the world around us. There are worldviews out there that are conflicting with the Christian faith. As believers in Christ, we must be very careful not to stray away from a Biblical worldview if we want to please our Heavenly Father. Holding a Biblical worldview is the only way we can really teach and train our children about the Absolute Truth. I’m so glad we had an opportunity to review a product from a company who is there to help us do just that. They are Focus On The Family.

Focus On The Family 

The people at Focus On The Family are dedicated to helping families thrive by providing help and resources for married couples and parents. They support families as they seek to teach their children about God and His design for the family as well as equipping themselves to make a greater difference in the lives of those around them. One way Focus On The Family has been a help to  families teaching their children about God is through a popular series of theirs called “Adventures in Odyssey”. My son loved when he used to get these magazines in the mail (he’s much older now so we no longer subscribe to them). He was so happy to hear we would have a chance to review a Christian comic book that was created called Captain Absolutely.
 Captain Absolutely

Captain Absolutely is a new comic book that is based on a character from the “Adventures in Odyssey” series. It was created by Wooten Z. Basset. It was published April 1, 2017, and is a 105 page soft cover book. Captain Absolutely can be purchased from the Focus On The Family website or from Tyndale. It “entertains and engages the kids imaginations while helping them grasp the role of God’s Word and truth in making life’s decisions”. Through “posing vital questions about eternal truth”, Captain Absolutely helps children from 3rd grade and up to discern how to stand firm in their faith in the midst of opposition.

Captain Absolutely

How did Captain Absolutely come to be? The story starts out with two friends that are librarians in the city of Metropolitanville. One is name Josiah King and the other one is Darren Gray.  All was fine in the library until… there was an EXPLOSION. Josiah ended up being thrown in one section of the library with books that he had never seen before. It was a row of different copies of the Bible. Why were they hidden away? Hmmm….

Darren was thrown into the philosophy section of the library. His mind got filled with all sorts of nonsense from books talking about “Truth? what Truth?”, “No Truth”, “My Truth”, “Truth Hurts”, ect. Looking at those titles can give you a headache. I would have gone CRAZY getting stuck in that section. While each of them were stuck in these different reading sections, neither of them noticed the toxic fumes that had entered the rooms. In a nutshell this is how Captain Absolutely and his nemesis Dr. Relative came to be.

CJ reading- Captain Absolutely

My son loved reading Captain Absolutely. It was full of excitement, action, and adventure. Within the frames were comments and jokes from the writer, as well as scripture references. In the story Metropolitanville is “a city without the sense of right or wrong”. My son said he could see the comparison of different character qualities of people in real life. Captain Absolutely was on a mission to defend truth and justice. No one in the city knew what truth was nor about God. In order to get absolute truth into the minds of the people, he had to fight other villains along with Dr. Relative.

My son thought it was cool how all the bad guys represented the different struggles and problems in people. Some examples are Cap’n Crastin on the PCN television Network, the Fear Chemist, Baron Von Confuser, and Nurse Grudge to name a few (you can learn more details about all the characters in the back of the book). At some point the villains were all in jail together, and plotted a way to escape. They wanted to stop Captain Absolutely from spreading the truth of God’s Word so they could further corrupt people’s minds. A good part in the story was how another character got saved and teamed up with Captain Absolutely. We don’t want to give away all the details. Another great feature is the section in the back called “Big Questions”. This is great for digging deeper in God’s Words and having further discussions. If your kids love comics, and you like the idea of a more positive message, head on over to order them a copy of Captain Absolutely.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. Other members of the Homeschool Review Crew also had the chance to let their kids read Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family. Click on the banner below to read what they thought. 
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Homeschool Rescue~ Review

Hello lovely readers. Being a mom has it’s challenges and it’s rewards. You have your good days and bad days and something in between. Homeschooling too has it’s good and not so good days. How many of you homeschooling moms have days where you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, frustrated, burnt out, or inadequate?  Are you struggling from feeling a lack of support around you? I’ve been at this thing over 10 years and I’ve had many of those days. That’s why I am so excited to share with you my review of a new homeschool parent resource from Only Passionate Curiosity called Homeschool Rescue
Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue
Homeschool Rescue is an online support program for homeschooling parents with children of all ages. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a veteran in your homeschool journey, Homeschool Rescue may be just what you need. Heather from Only Passionate Curiosity is the creator of Homeschool Rescue. Her heart is to help “homeschool moms out there who are feeling overwhelmed or inadequate” about things going on in their homeschooling efforts. The course is designed to “encourage and uplift” these parents. “This course is about being purposeful because when you have a clear picture of where you are, you can start picturing where you want to be”.

Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue
This homeschool parent resource is there to help the homeschool moms recover from being tired or burnt out. Homeschool Rescue can help her to refocus on the reason why she started this journey with her kids. By becoming a member of Homeschool Rescue you will have access to video lessons on the topics of:

* Troubleshooting Your Homeschool
* Time Management Systems & Organization
* Planning & Curriculum
* Setting Your Students up for Success
* Teaching Older Students and more

For each lesson in the course there is a less than 20 minute video to watch, worksheets for the homework assignments, as well as additional resources or things to read. The motto of the course is to “Breathe New Life into Your Homeschool”. This is exactly what it will do if you’re at a place where you feel like throwing in the towel. Help is out there and this may be just what you have been searching for.

Homeschool Rescue Notebook

When I received my lifetime membership to Homeschool Rescue I did not know what to expect. Just like many other moms I have days where I feel overwhelmed or get discouraged in my homeschooling journey. Once I had received my access link to log into the website I was glad it was easy to get started. There was no wondering what to do first. There is a welcome video there with warm and encouraging words from Heather. On the right hand side you’ll see a video I highly recommend you watch before getting started. It is a video tutorial of how to navigate around the site. There are helpful hints underneath it as well. I also recommend having a set of headphones nearby to listen the videos within the lessons. There were times where the volume was not loud enough for me to hear even though I had both my laptop and the video volume buttons turned all the way up.

Homeschool Rescue

You will find the course content on the front page. There are 5 module lessons. Each module has several lessons within. I loved that there is a 60 day course plan to guide you. It is a PDF download. I took things a step further and made myself a Homeschool Rescue Notebook. The picture above this one is the outside cover. Inside I have my 60 day planner, divider pages for each module, and all of the accompanying worksheets to the lessons. It all starts to add up and is the reason why I created the notebook.

Each module starts out with it’s own introduction on what will be covered in the lessons. It’s usually short and to the point. Once you go into a module lesson there is a video to watch. I like that there is an audio and a transcript download of the lessons. If I need to go back and review anything I missed or just need to hear again, it is there for me to take my time to digest it more. There are also note pages available as a download that is specific to the lesson you are on. This is great for jotting down tips and ideas you don’t want to forget. Here is glimpse of what you will find in the video lessons:


I just love the quotes that are added throughout the lessons.
There are often questions for you to ponder. You will be encouraged to be realistic and honest with yourself.

The tips are refreshing and helpful. Expect to hear over and over to give yourself some grace and BREATHE.Image

Once you get to the end of the video you’ll have to dig deeper by doing a homework assignment. After all “the course is intended to push you a little outside of your comfort zone”.  Within different lessons I learned why I needed to monitor my screen time, be aware of soul suckers, learn how to say “no” with grace, and the importance of being intentional with scheduling in some self-care.

There is also a private Facebook group for members. There you will be among others like you who will give helpful advice, support, and cheer you on. I like that Heather was there and very active within the group. Even though I am a veteran home school mom, I was blessed to work through Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity.  Although I mentioned there is a 60 day planner, the course is self-paced so you don’t have to feel like you are behind if you find yourself taking longer to get through the module lessons. Some of the lessons had things that took me longer to process and finish so knowing this was a relief. If you are in need of help and support in your homeschool journey, see if Homeschool Rescue really is the answer you’ve been praying for. One quick note before I go. There is a free live workshop being held on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Be sure to stop by and sign up so you don’t miss it.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my review. Other members of the Homeschool Review Crew also had a chance to review Homeschool Rescue. Click on the banner below to read their thoughts and experiences.
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