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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Alpha-Phonics Review and more...

Do you have a child (ren) that is ready to start learning to read? Maybe you have a child (ren) who is a struggling reader and feel you’ve had no success with anything you have tried.  Are you looking for a program that would assist you in helping them?  If so please listen as I tell you about Alpha-Phonics.

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Alpha-Phonics (A Primer for Beginning Readers) was created by Samuel Blumenfeld.   His goal with Alpha-Phonics is to provide teachers, tutors and parents with a simple, and easy way to teach reading.  It can be used to teach reading to beginners of all ages, older students in need of remediation and retraining, dyslexic students, those with special needs, non-English speakers who wish to learn English, ect.  It can also be used as a supplement to any other reading program you use especially those that lack a systematic approach to teaching basic phonetic skills.  It is geared for students grades K and up.

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The book is comb bound which makes it easy to lie flat while working through the book.  It has 128 lessons that are step-by-step and in large calligraphy print. The lessons were carefully designed to eliminate distraction and keep the student fully focused.  There is a Teacher’s Manual with lesson plans in the back of the book with instructions for each lesson which by the way or adaptable to your teaching style or situation.  The price for the Alpha-Phonics book is $39.95.  They will also send you an instructional CD to help you get started with the program.

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If you would like a computer based version of this book they have that too. The Alpha-Phonics book includes the CD ROM version of the program at no extra cost.  Yes you heard that right…it’s FREE when you purchase Alpha-Phonics. You can find it on the inside cover of the book.  It combines every aspect of Alpha Phonics with the advantages of a computer-based course. Each of the 128 lessons in the book are reproduced on the CD ROM exactly as they appear in the book and the lessons do not require use of the keyboard-just the mouse.  There’s a teacher/student screen that includes a sidebar for navigation and instructions and allows you to go to any lesson in the program.

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To reinforce the lessons in the book they have an Alpha-Phonics How to Tutor Companion Workbook.  The price for this companion workbook is $19.95.  This workbook is optional to, buy but you may find it helpful to use if you don’t want to have to make up your own lessons for your student to get more practice. There are around 117 lessons divided into parts “A, B, C, ect.” Included are the spelling rules, syllabication practice, and answer keys for the lessons.  Here are some pictures of what’s inside this workbook:

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For more additional practice with the 44 different sounds your child (ren) will be learning is another optional product.  For even further reinforcement they have a set of readers.  The Alpha-Phonics Little Companion Readers are designed to work alongside the Alpha-Phonics lessons.

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These Little Companion Readers come in a set of 10 for $24.95.  There are 5 pink books and 5 yellow ones.  Each were about 7-12 pages long.  You go from one reader to the next as you progress through the Alpha-Phonics or How to Tutor book.  You can purchase these and all the other products mentioned on the Alpha-Phonics order form page.  Alpha-Phonics is also available through resellers like Amazon, Christian Book Distributors, and Rainbow Resources.  Here is a testimonial video that shows how one mother found success using Alpha-Phonics with her children:

If you are still reading this review thank you for your interest.  Since you got to this point you get to hear about the treat I have for my readers.  I have been given permission by the maker of Alpha-Phonics to have a Giveaway of the 3 products you have read about in my review.  One of you has a chance to have the Alpha-Phonics Book, How to Tutor Companion Workbook, and the 10 set Little Companion Readers sent to you free of charge.  See below on how to enter to win.
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Update: The Giveaway is now over.  Congratulations to Juana! I will be contacting you by email so be sure to respond within the next 7 days or I will have to pick another winner. Thanks to all who read and entered.
Disclaimer: This review was written in exchange for Free copies of the Alpha-Phonics program.  No other compensation was provided.

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