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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wish List for High School Curriculum

I can’t believe we are about to start our 1st year of high school in a few weeks. We started homeschooling our son back in 2007 when he was just 7 years old and in the 2nd grade.  He we are about to enter our 8th year homeschooling and I did not expect to get to this point so quickly.  My baby will be 15 in October. Time flies by way too fast for this momma. I see why they say cherish each moment.

I’ve been pondering and praying about what to do about the high school years. Thank God for the internet. There is so much helpful (and FREE) information out there. I would be lost without the help of those who have gone before me. At this point we’re considering a special education degree for him.  We can take as much time as needed and stay within his learning abilities. I’m throwing around ideas of things I’m looking at as far as curriculum that we’ll need to purchase to fulfill all his credit requirements. I’ve put together a pinterest board of things I think would interest him. The list below is not complete so I’ll have to come back and update it.

Math U See Epsilon
Math U See Zeta
Math U See Pre Algebra
Math U See Algebra 1

Personal Finance

Economics for Everybody

Jump In
Grammar of Poetry
Easy Grammar
Christian Reading Companions for 50 Classics
American Literature Pack

Social Studies
US History- Dave Raymond's American History

Social Science
Around the World in 180 Days
Foundation For Freedom or Constitutional Literacy

Natural Science
General Science
Physical Science

P.E. plus Health/Wellness

Old and New Testament (we’ll do notebooking for this) along with The Most Important thing You'll Ever Study

Life Skills

Visual Latin 1 and 2

Typing Coach

Computer Technology

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