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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Apologia---Exploring Creation with Zoology

I've mentioned before that I'm not a Science lover. Science is one of my sons favorite subjects. He loves keeping up with the weather on the weather channel. He says he wants to be a meteorologist when he grows up. Every week he always wants to watch two T.V. shows called "Zula Patrol" and "Cyber Chase" (they also focus on Math). He talks to me all about that days episode.

We have only been homeschooling for two years now. From the beginning I noticed there are so many curriculum out there to choose from. A new homeschooler can get overwhelmed looking for one that will work well with their family. I am still learning about new ones all the time. Through one of my searches I came across a company that has a Christian based Science curriculum for homeschoolers. The name is what first struck an interest to me.
I had never heard of Apologia before. I wondered what that meant. So I browsed around on the website more to get a feel for what it could be. It didn't take long before I realized I had come across a Science curriculum that actually recognizes and shows God as the creator of everything around us. I thought to myself "what a great ministry". We recently had the chance to do a review on one of their books in their Elementary Science series for grades K-6th. It's called "Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the 5th Day".

Written by Jeannie Fulbright.
Has 14 Lessons/Chapters
Price $35.00
Focus on Creationism and Intelligent Design
Great for notebooking or lapbooking.
Enhance learning with experiments in each chapter.

The author wrote the book in a conversational tone so it would be easy for the reader to understand as you go through the study. My son is a very fluent reader so he had no difficulties with it. He does not comprehend on the level that he reads so we made a lap/notebook to go along with our study. In this book your kids will learn about...

*What is Zoology?
*What makes a bird a bird?
*Flying Factuals
*Flying Reptiles
*Insects (Life Cycles & Life Styles)
*Beetles, Flies, and more

We made a lapbook journal as we went along. The mini books we used came from
Notebooking2Learn. You will have to become a member of this yahoogroup in order to have access to the files. You can find free mini books to go with chapters 1-6 there. Another place you can find mini books for this is LALP. Here's a look at some of what we've done:

My son really likes the books and asked if we will do the other books in the series. That tells me they would be worth the money because he's enjoying what he's learning. The other books in this series are Zoology 2, and Zoology 3. The other Elementary Science books they offer are Exploring Creation with Astronomy, and Exploring Creation with Botany. He will definitely want to study the Astronomy one. So I guess you can say this is where we will be getting all of our science curriculum for now. I have enjoyed learning along with my son reading this book as well. My favorite part is when we do the lapbooks. I just love the look of a finished project. Here are more pics of the lapbook:

Disclaimer: The views and opinions written are entirely my own. Being a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was not paid to write this review but received the product free of charge to review and give my honest opinion.


Anonymous said...

Oh Cool<hey did yall do that in a Binder instead of folders? Jacob was thinking about using a binder

Growing In Wisdom said...

Yes we did. We combined Lapbooking and Notebooking on this one :)

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