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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Apples & Johnny Appleseed Lapbook

We made a double lapbook. The ideas and templates came from Teacher Book Bag, Live & Learn Press and Homeschoolshare.

We designed the cover out of green construction paper and a printout I found in a file I have. 

 Things you will see throughout this lapbook is how an apple tree looks through each season (He learned the seasons in French and Spanish also), apple sayings, varieties of apples, apple fractions, and an apple book with some apple facts, some of his apple worksheets he did, the apple poem he made up, apple pie sequencing cards, and a story book about apples. We also kept the seeds from different kinds of apples we ate. There is also a game called "Collect the Apples", a Mr. Apple Head, the life cycle of an apple tree, ways we use apples, and a recipe with the process for making applesauce.

When you flip it over the next part is his Johnny Appleseed lapbook. Inside of the lapbook you will see all the information he learned about Johnny Appleseed. He learned how Johnny Appleseed showed kindness, a time-line of his life, a map of places he traveled to plant apple trees, with the states colored, apples with our vocabulary words inside of them, apple copy work, his estimate of how many seeds in an apple before I cut it opened, a math book with the instructions on how to make an apple pie, apple tasting test, and sequencing cards for an apple tree. He labeled the apple parts, and did an apple tasting survey as well as sequencing cards for the life cycle of an apple tree.

For Johnny Appleseed's birthday we celebrated by drinking apple juice with our breakfast, eating apple slices with PB&J sandwiches for lunch, and having apple pork chops with wild rice, and steammed broccoli for dinner.

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