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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Elections Lapbook

My son enjoyed learning about how we go about electing a new president. Playing Presidential tic-tac-toe was a great way to get through the night while waiting for the final results. He liked being the elephant because he said they are stronger. Of course I got stuck being the donkey whether I wanted to or not. Here are pictures of his lapbook.

The cover is a picture of a man at a voting booth. In this lapbook we have pictures of the candidates. My son learned all about who can vote, political slang. He even had a button he colored and wore all week. He really enjoyed being able to vote in the mock elections at Curr click.

He also read and colored a book called "Tommy for President". Other things you see are pictures of all the 43 presidents and our president elect as well as pictures of him keeping the score as each state was called.

The printables for this lapbook came from homeschooling.about.com, homeschoolshare, and Learning pages.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Yall did a Great Job, Jacob did an election lap book but dont know if he posted it on his blog

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