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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Multiplication Lapbook

It is a double lapbook so we used 2 file folders glued together. The ideas came from the Notebooking2Learn yahoogroup. It is in the math section of the files.

Lapbook Cover
My hubby designed the cover for this lapbook. In it you will see mini booklets that tells what a multiplicand, multiplier, factor, and product is, multiplication flash cards for each of the family facts, skip counting, tab books for each of the multiplication facts, facts in their own community, and multiplication wheels for each of the multiplication facts.

I also made some other mini books out of blank templets I had. I wish I were as creative as those who are skilled in making these. I haven't been doing this very long so in time I know I will :0)

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Anonymous said...

Cool, Thanks for sharing the link, We just signed up :)Can you believe we have not even done a lapbook this year :( Sad I know

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