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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Are you looking for a good Math Tutor?

Math; another one of those subjects I was not good at in school. By now I wonder if you are picking up on the notion that I thought I was a stupid kid. That's exactly how I felt...like I couldn't learn anything. This kind of thinking almost kept me from homeschooling my son. I didn't know how I would compensate for the subjects I remember not being good at in school. Here's the funny thing; I've been so busy learning alongside my son that you can't even tell I was even struggling in any of these subjects. Look what the Lord has done!!!
I recently had the opportunity to learn about a company and their products called MathTutorDVD. Their product lineup covers "Basic Math and progresses through all levels of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Physics, and Probability". The math instructor Jason Gibson who has a Masters in Electrical Engineering and in Physics is dedicated to helping kids to adults really get the concepts of the math they are learning at different levels. The products I reviewed and their descriptions are as follows:
Math Help: The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor
This is a 2 disc DVD Set which equals to 8 Hours of learning.

Here's what's covered on Disc 1:
Section 1: Adding Whole Numbers
Section 2: Subtracting Whole Numbers
Section 3: Multiplying Whole Numbers
Section 4: Dividing Whole Numbers
Section 5: Adding Decimals
Section 6: Subtracting Decimals
Section 7: Multiplying Decimals
Section 8: Dividing Decimals

Here's what's covered on Disc 2:
Section 9: Adding Fractions
Section 10: Subtracting Fractions
Section 11: Multiplying Fractions
Section 12: Dividing Fractions
Section 13: Percents, Part 1
Section 14: Percents, Part 2
Section 15: Ratio and Proportion

Algebra Help: The Algebra 2 Tutor
This is also a 2 disc DVD Set which equals to 6 Hours of learning.

Here's what's covered on Disk 1:

Section 1: Graphing Equations
Section 2: The Slope Of A Line
Section 3: Writing Equations Of Lines
Section 4: Graphing Inequalities
Section 5: Solving Systems Of Equations By Graphing

Section 6: Solving Systems Of Equations By Substitution
Section 7: Solving Systems Of Equations By Addition

Here's what's covered on Disk 2:
Section 8: Solving Systems Of Equations In Three Variables
Section 9: Simplifying Radical Expressions
Section 10: Add/Subtract Radical Expressions
Section 11: Multiply/Divide Radical Expressions
Section 12: Solving Equations With Radicals
Section 13: Fractional Exponents
Section 14: Solving Polynomial Equations
Section 15: The Quadratic Formula

The cost for both of these DVD sets are $26.99 each. Each video are "taught by fully worked example problems". Jason teaches each problem "step-by step beginning with the easier problems going up to the harder ones". He's very knowledgeable in what he is doing.
My son is not ready for learning the concept of math this way. For one he has a short attention span and is not able to watch the video long enough to learn anything. Another thing is this is not done in the way he can retain the information he is learning. The up side of this concept of teaching is this..."I" can learn a whole lot from it. The way Jason explains and works out the problems helps "me" to really get it. Once "I" get it I can come up with ways to teach it to my son in the way he learns math. I do find some useful examples I can modify with my son. I see these video series being good for kids/adults who are more self taught and has a knack for learning best through this method. These are also great for helping teachers like myself gather more ideas in teaching a new or difficult to grasp concept. As my son matures he may be able to get much use out of these videos. That's why IMHO these videos are worth having on hand for future learning. They may also make a good addition to the math curriculum you already use because after all it is "tutoring".

Disclaimer: The views and opinions written are entirely my own. Being a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was not paid to write this review but received the product free of charge to review and give my honest opinion.

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