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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Critical Thinking????

When I first heard of this company, I wondered to myself why my son needed to be a "critical thinker". After all, he has great rote memory skills and when he was in school this is how he would get by. That is until they began learning something where he needed to use his analytical skills (problem solving, logic, and reasoning). Then it became evident he didn't really "KNOW" what he was learning. Since he is a child with special needs I began searching for the best way to help him develop these skills. It wasn't until I started homeschooling him that I realized he doesn't learn best through textbooks. The Critical Thinking Co. has a great line of products to help children grades PreK-12+ develop "deeper analysis of their lessons". This will help them produce "deeper understanding so that they will better succeed in school and in life". Your student will be able to not only understand what they have learned but build upon that knowledge to reason why something is the way it is.

Grades: 2-3
Pages: 364
Price: $29.99

Their Building Thinking Skills Level 1 has activities to develop higher order thinking skills in Reading, Writing, Math, and Science. They also offer it in software format for $36.99. If your child is in lower or upper grades than the 2nd or 3rd grade you can check out other levels here. Also when you browse around more you'll discover many other fun games and activities.

My son has really improved in the way he sees things that he learns. I love these activities as much as he does. He doesn't get frustrated with the activities because we make a game out of it were I ask the question (game host) and he answers them (contestant). He smiles whenever he gets an answer right and I am so happy to see that he gets it. If you want to help your child develop critical thinking and improve their test scores, stop by The Critical Thinking Co. and see all they have to offer. 

Disclaimer: The views and opinions written are entirely my own. Being a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was not paid to write this review but received the product free of charge to review and give my honest opinion.

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