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Thursday, April 15, 2010

George Washington---Download N Go

If you haven't already heard Amanda Bennett has created a new series of her Unit Studies called "Download N Go" for kids in K-4th grade. If you like using Unit Studies and lapbooking in your homeschooling you will love this new series. "With the new Download N Go unit studies, you are beginning a new kind of learning experience. Each study is one week in length (5 days), has interactive built in hyperlinks, and five daily lessons with lapbook components for each day. It's called Download N Go because these studies are ready to use as soon as you have downloaded them. There's no preparation, waiting time, or other expensive resources are required." These are very inexpensive. They can be purchased individually or you can pay to receive a whole full year of them.

We recently had the opportunity to review one on George Washington. I have used several of Amanda Bennett's Unit Studies in the past but I didn't know I was in for a surprise with this Download N Go. I don't purchase many Unit Studies due to the fact that we do lots of lapbooking. I don't know how to make mini books for lapbooks so we've always used ones that are already pre-made. I have to do lots of printing, helping my son cut and fold but it's worth it. He loves lapbooking and retains what he has learned. Many times he will come to dad and I and say "remember when we learned such and such". He doesn't get bored with it because he doesn't have to always read from a textbook our fill out worksheets. He gets bored with those really quick. Unit Studies help keep us on topic and he gets more out of those types of studies since we focus on just those over a period of time until we've finished.

The George Washington Download N Go has information about his life, short questions to answer about what was learned, quotes, time-line, suggestion of books you can read with the study, craft ideas, internet resources, and fun activities for each day. There is even fun family activities too. You can purchase George Washington Download N Go for $7.95 at The Old Schoolhouse. My son was thrilled when I showed him the unit study. He said "time to learn some history about George Washington the first president!". As I mentioned earlier we have done some of Amanda's unit studies. He was so glad to see we would be doing a lapbook with it because he loves making them to look back over time and again.

Now I will consider buying more of these types of units. I like not having to search all over the web for information when we are studying something. Being a homeschooling mom wearing many other hats doesn't always leave much time for doing so. Then there's the fact that you get tired trying to find just the right info. The links Amanda provides in her units are real time savers for us. This helps keep mom from being overwhelmed and son from getting restless waiting for mom to hurry up already :) It's easier to get find the answers to the questions too. I also like the fact the graphics for the lapbook mini books are simple and don't use up too much color ink. I can't wait to see what's next in this new series of Download N Go learning experience.

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