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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kite Capers---Download N Go

This month our review of Amanda Bennett's Download N Go series is titled "Kite Capers". It's available for purchase at The Old Schoolhouse store for $7.95. The Download N Go series are designed for kids in K-4th grade. You can learn more about other Amanda Bennett Unit Studies by visiting her website. For one whole week (5 days) your kids will experience an exciting "hands on learning adventure". Included in the unit study are interactive built in hyperlinks, and five daily lessons with lapbook components for each day.

In the Kite Capers Download N Go your children are going to learn what a kite is, the history about kites, how they are made, different types, and even how they are enjoyed all around the world. My son was thrilled when I showed him the unit study. He said "oooow I like kites! count me in to go on an adventure to learn all about kites". You just gotta love kids and their sense of humor :) He was excited that we would be learning about Benjamin Franklin and his kite experiment, also about wind and why it's needed to fly kites. We'll also learn about different types of clouds. He's fascinated with the weather because he wants to be a meteorologist when he grows up. There are also other famous people to be learned about in this unit as well.

Each day there are short questions to answer as you go along, suggestion of books you can read with the study, craft ideas, internet resources, and just for fun activities for each day. The fun part for us is putting together the lapbook at the end of the study. My son loves looking back over and over again what he has learned when it's made into a lapbook.

I have used several of Amanda Bennett's Unit Studies in the past but I'm really loving her Download N Go series. As I mentioned in my previous review I like not having to search all over the web for information when we are studying something. Amanda helps cut the amount of time it takes to locate important facts and information. I can't wait to see what she has next in her Download N Go series.

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