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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Math Mammoth

Math is becoming a very liked subject in our home. Dad is a genius at it. My son was not a big fan of math at first. Now that we have found a curriculum that fits his style of learning he's loving it more everyday. We use Math U See. It's great because of the manipulatives and style of teaching. There are times he comes across a topic that's more difficult than others. That's where we need to slow down and take more time for him to grasp the concept. I recently had the chance to learn of a math curriculum to help us accomplish this.
Maria Miller the author of Math Mammoth has a four series of math books for grades 1st-8th. We're using the Light Blue Series for 3rd grade.
cover for Math Mammoth Grade 3-A Complete Worktext cover for Math Mammoth Grade 3-B Complete Worktext
It is a complete curriculum but we use only parts of it for extra practice when my son needs more work on a particular topic. They come as a downloadable e-book (PDF) format. This allows for us to only use what we need at that time and keep the rest for a later use. Book A is 151 pages with 133 lessons. Book B is 166 pages with 149 lessons. Both costs $15.50 each or $29.70 in a pack together. There's also other options to order them as CD's or in printed copies.

Book A is broken down into these categories:
*Chapter 1: Your child will learn about Ordinal Numbers, Roman Numerals, Adding and Subtracting in Columns, Borrowing, Order of Operations, Graphs, ect.
*Chapter 2: Your child will learn how to multiple with same groups, using the number line, understanding how to multiply with word problems, ect.
*Chapter 3: Your child will learn their multiple tables of 2-12.
*Chapter 4: Your child will learn time to the minute, elapsed time, using calendars, changing time units, ect.
*Chapter 5: Your child will learn about using the half-dollar, making change, solving money word problems, ect.

Book B is broken down into these categories:
*Chapter 6: Your child will learn place value with thousands and beyond, adding and subtracting in columns, rounding to the nearest hundreds and thousands, estimating sums and differences, ect.
*Chapter 7: Your child will learn some Geometry like shapes, right angels, line symmetry, area and perimeters, solids, ect.
*Chapter 8: Your child will learn about Measuring like inches, feet, estimating weight, units, volume, temperature, ect.
*Chapter 9: Your child learns all about beginning Division.
*Chapter 10: Your child will learn multiplying by whole tens and hundreds, multiplying in columns, ect.
*Chapter 11: Your child will learn about understanding Fractions- part of whole group, mixed numbers, adding and subtracting fractions, decimals, ect.
I like how Maria uses different ways of teaching a topic. The worksheets are filled with colorful sections and parts of it have picture descriptions of math problems rather than just numbers. This goes with my son's style of learning. Many moms as myself enjoy the work put into Math Mammoth . Come and see what others have to say.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions written are entirely my own. Being a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was not paid to write this review but received the product free of charge to review and give my honest opinion.

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