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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Peterson's Handwriting

My son did not develop his mom or dad's fine handwriting. I believe Asperger Syndrome has a lot to do with that. Growing up I always liked writing and rewriting things just to get that perfect look. I loved how I could try out different writing styles and mine changed as each year passed by. I went through phases where I would write small, very skinny, thick, then BIG bubble letters, ect. Yeah you could say my life was boring. My hubby's favorite as a kid was slant print because it looks close to italics. My son on the other hand is not a fan of writing unless it's freestyle (his way). Since he began learning how to write he often says he hates handwriting.
Peterson Directed Handwriting has been around since 1908. They have been in the business of helping to teach kids to write their letters the "Write Way". They have a writing program for children in PreK-8th grades. Their programs teach vertical print, slanted print, and cursive handwriting. The little ones can also learn to write their numerals.
My son is in the 3rd grade and is learning cursive handwriting. The program we used is the Grade 3 Complete Homeschool Handwriting Kit which costs $38.55. Our kit included a Techers Handbook, Student workbook, Try- Rex (triangular) Pencils, Self-adhesive Position Guides, Animated Letter Cards, and Letter Songs CD. You can see a complete list of their products in their catalog. On this page you can also download a two page price list with an order form in PDF.

Complete Home School Handwriting Kit - Grade 3
Before using this program I had begun using Handwriting Without Tears Cursive Handwriting with my son at the beginning of this school year. It has really helped him to learn how to form his letters in a fun easy to comprehend way. With Peterson's Handwriting he gets good use out of the Try- Rex pencils because they help him to grip better, and the position guides remind him how to hold his paper in order to write. We haven't been successful with the handwriting part yet due to him having problems with his fine and gross motor skills. He loves the animated letters but does not seem to be making the connection when its time for him to write it down on paper. He does okay writing on a small chalk board but it's still messy. We have also tried air writing but he does the letters backwards. This is more of a perception problem he's having which shows up when he tries to draw as well.

To me although Peterson Directed Handwriting has a program selection for homeschoolers, it still seems more geared toward a teacher in a school classroom setting rather than for a parent who homeschools. It may help with kids that have special needs but I wouldn't say that is the norm because in our case my son complained about his fingers or shoulder hurting, and was frustrated at times. I think this program will work just fine for most NT kids. As for us we will have to slowly take our time with until my special needs son can actually get it.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions written are entirely my own. Being a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was not paid to write this review but received the product free of charge to review and give my honest opinion.

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