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Saturday, April 24, 2010


We don't use a Spelling program at our house. Each week I'll normally just have a list of 20 words with activities my son needs to work with starting on Monday. After having done different activities he's ready by Friday for his test. He's already great at Spelling, but I like finding more ways for it to be fun for him to learn his new words.
Do you already have a Spelling curriculum but looking for a fun, creative, and interactive way for your kids to learn their word list? Do you have a child who struggles with Spelling and you've tried many things that just didn't work? Maybe you're like me and just looking for more ways to make Spelling fun for your learners. A software program called SpellQuizzer just may be what you are looking for.

Dan Hite created this software to help children learn their spelling words in a fun and quicker way. He wants to help them to "score better Spelling test scores". For many kids the traditional way to prepare for the week's test is dreaded like doing a "boring chore". With the way SpellQuizzer is set up the kids nor their parents have to settle for that most dreaded way any longer.
After you download the software and follow the instructions you are ready to begin using the program. The first thing you will see is a box that allows you to choose the option to create your child's spelling list. The number of words does not matter. It will calculate them as you go. As you type in a word you have an option to either type in a sentence as a hint or use it to put the definition of the word. I like that because we can not only use it for Spelling, but we use it for Vocabulary as well. There's also an option to record your voice rather than typing in a sentence. You will need an inexpensive microphone to do the recording. We used my son's play mic from his piano he got for Christmas a few years back. Once you are done you need to save your list. You can always go back and edit your list(s) as needed. When you are ready for your child to practice on his or her list you can click on the "Quiz me on a list" option. Your child will then hear the hint or see the sentence you typed in. He or she will have to type the correct Spelling word in from there. If it's correct they will get to go on to the next word. If it's incorrect they will see a box showing the correct spelling.

You can see some screen shots of SpellQuizzer by clicking here. The price for this software is $29.95. No need to worry about having more than one child because you can use it to make separate lists for all of your kids. You can also download a free trial to try out before you buy it. I strongly suggest you read the tips and suggestions to better understand and get the best use out of the program.
Most kids love being on the computer and mine is no exception. I involved my son in using the program with me. Each Monday he would start off by recording the definitions to his words. By Wednesday he was inputting the sentences for the words and being quizzed. On Friday I just let him take a quick practice test or just test him right from the computer if he aced it on the first try. There's a special way the program rewards them at the end for getting them all correct.
I can't credit SpellQuizzer for making him a better speller just yet. I haven't seen much difference since he's already good at Spelling. There were some times when he didn't get a word right the first time and was able to get it right the second time around after seeing his mistake. I do know that he really loves the program, and it's much less of a hassle for me each week when preparing work for his weekly Spelling list.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions written are entirely my own. Being a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was not paid to write this review but received the product free of charge to review and give my honest opinion.

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