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Thursday, April 1, 2010

What we put in our Workboxes

I did a recent post about us incorporating the Workbox System into our homeschooling this year. It has been 5 weeks and things are going great. I am so glad we are able to get around to doing things we would have not done before. Today I want to share with you what I have been putting into my son's workboxes for him to complete each day. 
Sue Patrick's system is set up as 12 clear plastic shoe boxes on a wire rack. We don't have space for that in our apartment so I bought the Smartspace 10 drawer rolling organizer cart. It holds books perfectly without me having to bend anything. Each day I fill up the drawers with the work for subjects we will cover that day, the supplies he needs to complete the work as well as some FUN Box activities. Boxes 1-3 and 5 hold the same things each day. This helps cut down on the time it takes to fill the workboxes each night.  Now on to what I put into those boxes...
1. First is the countdown sheet and a crayon for my son to color a light bulb that day for the countdown to his 100 days of school.

2. We're doing the Book of Virtues Unit Study. I put in the worksheets, mini books that goes with the unit we're on, and a pencil.

3. My son is working through MUS Gamma this year. I put in the box the DVD, his student text, and a pencil.

5. We do Sequential Spelling so in goes the book, a folder with paper to write that days words, and a pencil.

Boxes 4, 6-10 changes up each day. Some are regular workboxes and others are the FUN Boxes.

Some days is his grammar book, CD, and a pencil.
Another is a Reading Comprehension worksheet with the questions on the back and a pencil.

Still another may be Write Shop cards with the character, character trait, setting, and plot as well as paper and a pencil for my son to write a story. 

We have a Science box of the Apologia Science we're doing for the year. 
Sometimes it is his Prima Latina DVD's, workbook, and a pencil.
We are doing a unit study on the Stringed Family for Music and making a lapbook to go with it.

For art I put in his art book, some crayons, and there's a sheet of drawing paper under the book for the project and underneath is some scissors.

We have a box where I place a worksheet of the state he is learning about for Geography with some markers to color the picture.

There's a box with a sheet that has the History about the state he is learning for Geography. We read it together and discuss it afterwards.

There's also a box with his workbook to practice writing Latin Hymns and Prayers in cursive handwriting along with a pencil.

As for the FUN Box activities some of the things I put in the boxes are puzzles, mazes, jacks and a ball, marbles, brain teasers, flash cards, toothpicks and marshmallows, fun science projects, Magnetix, Legos, and motor skills activities. I hope I helped someone get a better idea of how to make use of their Workbox System.


Anonymous said...

That is a GREAT Idea for the books, I am kinda tired of ours being on book shelves, I am gonna think about the Draw thingy :) Thanks.

Michelle said...

I love your workbox. I'm hoping to do the same thing soon.

Growing In Wisdom said...

Hey Michelle! How is everything going? I know you've heard I left facebook by now. I got to catch up on a LOT of things. I envy you for finishing your school year up so soon (just joking).

Anonymous said...

*Popping in to see how you are feeling today :)

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