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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why do we homeschool?

Like so many others we have our reasons for educating our son at home. Many people do it for different reasons. There must be a purpose for why one does something or it won't mean much to you. Here are our top 10+ reasons we homeschool in this season of our lives (reasons may change over time):

1. No one knows our son better than WE do.

2. We can teach him one on one giving him the individual attention he needs.

3. There are far fewer distractions for him to have to deal with.

4. There is flexibility in choosing curriculum that best suits HIS needs.

5. He can learn at HIS own pace.

6. We know he's actually retaining what he learns rather than him "just getting by" academically.

7. We can cater to "his interests and abilities" so that learning is FUN for him.

8. We can take breaks when it's needed.

9. He has the freedom to "express and be himself" without the pressure of having to be like the other kids in order to be accepted. He can be an "individual" which is better for HIS self esteem.

10. We know that he's always fed healthy, nutritious, homemade meals with no additives, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, dyes and any other harmful chemicals.

11. Learning is taking place 24/7.

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Anonymous said...

Amen to all those :)

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