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Monday, May 31, 2010

GFCF diet can work for children w/ Autism Spectrum Disorders

Many of you recently read the article where the GFCF diet was badly put down and said to not work. For those who don't know there was a new "study" done with 14 kids on the GFCF Diet. Now this study was done where they reintroduced the gluten and casein back after only a FEW WEEKS. The study was plain wrong on SO MANY LEVELS and of course the media has eaten it up and shared it all over. A study like this would cause a person new to the idea of GFCF to be greatly misinformed.

If you are one of those whose children have benefited by being on the GFCF diet please take time to sign the petition and share your story.
The GFCF diet works miracles for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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