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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mighty Acts of God

My husband and I have been reading a great Bible story book with our 10 year old son. It' s called "Mighty Acts of God". It's "a family Bible story book" the whole family can enjoy. This book was written by Starr Meade and illustrated by Tim O'Connor. Each day we take time out to sit with him and read a story. It's perfect for sitting down and having a little devotion time together with him. This book has all the stories from the Bible from beginning to end with colorful illustrations. It helps you and your children discover God's mighty character throughout the scriptures. At the end of each section you will find questions and things to discuss together as well as a focus of prayer. The cost of this book is $24.99. It is available for purchase at Crossway Books. You can also purchase it at Christian Book, Amazon for around $17.00. Christian Book also has a book blog where you can read more about this and other books they have.

My son enjoys reading and hearing Bible stories and here you can see him looking through the pages. He said the stories are amazing and he likes imagining what it was like living in those days. He likes the visualization of the pictures that help him to understand what was going on. The stories are not too long and don't bore him out. He stays engaged with us we are reading and asks questions along the way. He's able to read this on his own too and he likes that it sounds like the narrator is talking directly to him. A day doesn't go by that he will let us forget to read a story. He's curious to know what happens next. As a parents my husband and I really appreciate great books like this to help teach along with God's word. It makes it more fun and exciting to learn about God and all the awesome things He did when He created our world and helping us understand His relationship with people. We are halfway through this devotional and enjoy seeing our son be so amazed and enthusiastic at learning about our heavenly Father.

Disclaimer: Crossway Publishers provided me with a free copy of in exchange for my honest opinion of this book. No other compensation was provided.

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