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Friday, June 25, 2010

Sunny Seashells---Download N Go

I'm back with another review of Amanda Bennett's Download N Go series. This months Download N Go is titled "Sunny Seashells".

I have always loved looking at seashells as a kid. There are so many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Now tell me," who doesn't think of putting one up to their ear when they hold one"? I know I always do! In the Sunny Seashells DNG you can expect your children to learn about what seashells are, some seashell history, different types of seashells, and the Science of seashells. This unit can help children who (like my son) hasn't been to a beach before to imagine what it must be like to be out there.

The Download N Go series are designed for kids in K-4th grade. If you have ever wondered how to combine Unit Studies with Lapbooking, then Download N Go is the way to do that. With Download N Go, you and your kids can experience a new way of learning. "Each study is one week in length (5 days), has interactive built in hyperlinks, and five daily lessons with lapbook components for each day. It's called Download N Go because these studies are ready to use as soon as you have downloaded them. There's no preparation, waiting time, or other expensive resources are required." These are very inexpensive. They can be purchased individually for $7.95 or you can pay to receive a whole full year of them.

Each day there are book suggestions, family fun ideas, short educational videos, questions to answer for reviewing what was learned, and more. As I've mentioned in my previous reviews I like not having to search all over the web for information because I get tired trying to find just the right info. when we are studying something. The links Amanda provides in her units are real time savers for us. This helps keep mom from being overwhelmed looking for answers to the questions and my son from getting restless waiting for me to hurry up already :0) To me the best thing about unit studies is that you are incorporating learning in more than one subject area. In this DNG series you can expect to cover spelling, vocabulary, history, and science. This helps you to not have to worry about having something extra planned to do because you're getting different subjects covered in one unit.

With summer fast approaching why not have fun learning with your kids about "Sunny Seashells". It will only cost you $7.95 to download and you're set for the kids to get started learning. So stop by The Old Schoolhouse to download your copy today.

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Hollinger Family said...

I love these download-n go's...great variety for all ages, and my kids love them!


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