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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chocolate Challenge--Download N Go

It's time for another review of Amanda Bennett's Download N Go series. This months Download N Go is titled "Chocolate Challenge". In the Chocolate Challenge DNG you can expect your children to learn about what chocolate is, the story on chocolate, different types of chocolate, and the Science of chocolate.

There is much to learn about the rain forest and cacao trees. Does anything in the names Milton Hershey, Henri Nestle, John Cadbury, Domingo Ghirardelli, and Rodolphe Lindt sound familiar to you? This is a really fun and tasty topic to learn about. Just looking at the colorful lapbook pictures of chocolates makes me hungry for some. I love the idea she shares about having a "Chocolate Party"! I don't know about you, but I can party with some good tasting chocolate. LOL I'd better not do that too much because I will pay for it in pounds later. (Once I get more color ink for my printer I'll upload the lapbook for you to see our finished project.)

The Download N Go series are designed for kids in K-4th grade. Unit Studies are combined with Lapbooking to give you and your kids new experience in learning. "Each study is one week in length (5 days), has interactive built in hyperlinks, and five daily lessons with lapbook components for each day. It's called Download N Go because these studies are ready to use as soon as you have downloaded them. There's no preparation, waiting for a package to arrive at your door, or other resources required." These are very inexpensive as well. They can be purchased individually or you can pay to receive a whole full year of them.

Each day there are book suggestions, family fun ideas, short educational videos, questions to answer for reviewing what was learned, and more. The links Amanda provides in her units are real time savers for us. To me the best thing about unit studies is that you are incorporating learning in more than one subject area. In this DNG series you can expect to cover spelling, vocabulary, history, and science. This helps you to not have to worry about having something extra planned to do because you're getting different subjects covered in one unit. You can purchase each DNG series at The Old Schoolhouse for $7.95 each.

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