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Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's in our workboxes this year?

It has been a year since we started using Sue Patrick's Workbox System. I did a post about us incorporating the Workbox System into our homeschooling that you can read here. I am so glad we learned about workboxes and am happy to continue doing it. I have learned so much from others on how they have incorporated the system to work for their homeschooling family. I continue to find new and neat ways to tweak it to help me and my son. I don't see us doing away with workboxes at any point. It's a great organizational tool for me as well as my special needs son (Aspergers). Today I want to share with you what is in my son's workboxes this year. First here are some of the products we are using this school year:

The Book of Virtues Unit Study
Math U See Delta
AVKO Sequential Spelling 2
Music Lapbooks from Joyful Songs
Exploring Creation with Astronomy
Little Man In the Map
Christiana Latina 1
Dance Mat Typing

Now here is an update of our workboxes (sorry for the bad picture quality from my camera):

I replaced the weather number cards with plain red ones. The work with mom or dad cards are still the same.

I printed another chart for his daily schedule on red card stock and made it bigger to fit more stuff. The schedule strip is still red of course.

I made him another morning and evening schedule. This is his evening schedule. I wrote the things he needs to do then laminated it. On these new schedules he's using a dry erase marker to check off when he has finished a task.

Now here is what we have in our workboxes throughout the week:

Things you see in this slide show is what we do from the Book of Virtues Unit Study. My son is also learning about time management, organization, and planning . I'm teaching him how to create his own student planner. For Math he's doing Math U See Delta this year. This is still the only Math program he really enjoys. We're working on book reports this year. Here you see a picture of his first one and the opened book report. We're doing it in lapbook form as you can (I purchased this from Knowledge Box Central).

For Grammar here's a worksheet he's working on about simple subjects and simple predicates. He's also working on Sequential Spelling 2 this year. He really likes this program. The blue notebook is what he uses as his journal. He likes creating silly stories. For Science he chose to learn Astronomy this year. We're using the lapbook mini books from the yahoo group Notebooking2Learn to make a notebook to go with it.

For Music we're working on the Brass Family Unit from Joyful Songs. We've already completed to of her other music lapbooks :-) We are still covering states from the 50 states study we started last year. We're using the Little Man In the Map book as we learn the states. It's a fun and easy way to learn them. You also see a coloring sheet of the state we're working on in our study. Last year we did not finish Artistic Pursuits so we're continuing on with that as well as some lessons from Spears Art (not shown).

We've moved on to Latina Christiana 1 this year since he enjoyed the Prima Latina. His birthday is coming up next month so we're working on a lapbook all about birthdays (from HOAC). We're also learning interesting history about each state as we cover them in the Unit Study. We're still working out of the Psalms and Hymns workbook for cursive handwriting practice and it helps him review what he's learning in Latin.

For a fun box activity we cover everyday Idioms. He's so literal that he doesn't get these types of sayings when they're used. It's fun social skills learning for him along the way. Another fun box activity he does is cutting out the comics from the Sunday newspaper to glue in a notebook that he keeps all his favorite comics. You may also see some little white cards in some of his boxes. Those are reminders for him to drink water throughout the day.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what we're learning this year :-)

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