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Friday, August 19, 2011

What's a "FREE" public education?

Well it's back to school for the kids where we live. We're year round homeschoolers so we've been schooling all along. Our summer was more laid back though. We just started picking back up with the heavier load of work two weeks ago. I was thinking and pondering about how much money I spend each year to homeschool my son. Many things I get free online, other times I trade with someone else, and other things I buy throughout the year as I can find a great deal on them. There are some other costs here and there but they do not break our wallets. When I think about it I come out way cheaper than I did when my son was in public school. That is because I can control what the money is actually spent on. This got me to do a lot of thinking and counting the cost of homeschooling verses a free public education. I don't know why they call it a "FREE" public education because when you think about all the money you put into it from year to year it's hardly free and very costly.

Outside of tax payers having to pay out of their checks there are many expenses that come into play like: buying new clothes/uniforms, school supplies for your child(ren) as well as a long list of supplies from the teacher, P.T.A dues, clubs, Fall, Holiday, and Spring pictures, fundraisers, school lunches, book fees, club fees, projects, school functions, and the list can go on. So outside of not having to pay a tuition I'm still not understanding how it's actually free. Free means hardly anything to zero dollars in the minds of most people. So many people can't even afford to properly cloth and feed their own children from year to year. It's a stressful and heavy burden when teachers give out these pricey lists of "must" needed supplies to students whose parents can't buy all the extras outside of the regular pair of scissors, glue, crayons, markers, paper, pencils, notebooks, and backpacks.

When my son was in public school I saw first hand how wasteful schools can be. Teachers would end up with so much extra at the end of the school year that they are throwing it away or giving it away. Yes I've seen with my own eyes NEW stuff being thrown in the trash can. Say what??? When I asked why the response I got was "We had too much extras left over that didn't get used or we didn't need. Because of the school budget we're only allowed to ask for things we're in need of so we have to look like there's a real need in order to get the funds for it". This is also another reason they ask for so much on the student supply lists to help fund what's needed in the classroom. Being a frugal mom anyway I was very disturbed about all this waste. Every dime of what I spend on school supplies for our homeschooling is planned out carefully. You'd better believe I'm not buying stuff we won't use or have no need of. I can't afford to waste money like the schools do. Each time I watch the news hearing about the schools complaints of needing more of this or that I'm scratching my head. What are they doing with all this money if the test scores keeps showing the kids aren't doing better, schools keep getting closed down from lack of performance, and they say American kids are so behind compared to other countries? All in all the question I still can't get away from is what is a "FREE" public education? What part of it is actually FREE?


Anonymous said...

Iv seen stuff thrown in trash here,and I am in a Little town.
Thanks for sharing this

Noteable Scraps said...

Amen, sister! A study in 2009 (you can find it at HSLDA) showed that the average homeschooler spends about $500 per year per student, while the public schools pay several thousand per year per student. And like you said, the average parent probably spends $500 a year on costs with their kids in public school.

TIFFANY said...

When my kids were in school it always seemed like they needed $5 for this and $10 for that. Wish I had kept track of it all to see how much we actually spent on school supplies/activities. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about that anymore!
Stopping by and following from the TOS hop.

Growing In God's Wisdom said...

Totally agree with you there Tiffany. I should have kept up with the costs to compare too. Would have been interesting to see those totals.

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