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Saturday, September 10, 2011


I’m back with another TOS Homeschool Crew review.  Today I want to tell you about an online program for kids grades K-8th called BigIQkids.  If you’re like me this may be the first time you’ve ever heard the name BigIQkids. I was happy to have the opportunity to check them out and see what they’re all about.


BigIQkids is a FREE online program that concentrates on core subjects like Math, Spelling, Vocabulary, and U.S. Geography.  The goal is to “promote spelling efficiency, vocabulary building, math facts mastery, and U.S. geography knowledge”.  Their “award winning programs are designed to help each child develop the skills needed to perform to his or her fullest potential”.  Each program can be “tailored to fit your child’s needs whether they be an advance student who needs more of a challenge or one who needs some catching up”.  BigIQkids can work alone or with any curriculum.
Each lesson should take around 10-15 minutes to complete.  The programs are designed where your child will not move forward until a skill has been mastered. For the best results it’s suggested that he or she logs in to BigIQkids daily to complete their lessons and quizzes.  Here is a description of each program:

Math: BigMathTime can be set up to go along with what your child is learning in your current curriculum. You can select the number of problems you want him or her to do for that day.  It helped me to find out I could scale down on the number of problems for my son because what they had already set up was way to many for him to do in one day.  Here’s a screen shot of what a lesson looks like.


Spelling and Vocabulary: The spelling and vocabulary come pre-loaded with it’s own lessons.  You can modify the lists to take out or add words of your choice.  If you create your own spelling list the program will automatically create a week’s worth of lessons, quizzes, and tests around that list.  Here’s a screen shot of this section.


U.S. States: In BigStateTime they will learn the states spelling, location, capital, abbreviations, and some general state facts.  Lessons can be modified to select the number of states cover for the lesson.  Here’s a look at this section:


It’s important for you to know that when you set up an account for your child on BigIQkids they will get a buddy.  This is probably what most kids will love the most about BigIQkids.

As your child completes a lesson he or she will earn 1 game coin.  There will be an option at the end of the lesson that they can click on to get to the game page.  On the game page they can use the coin to play a game or dress their buddy they way they want.  My son sometimes waits until he’s earned a few coins to be able to dress his buddy and play a game or two all in the same day.  Hey, hey…what a great way to teach older kids about wise decision making!

Although BigIQkids is a FREE program they do offer premium packages.  The premium subscription is what this review is based on.  With the premium packages you can monitor the progress of your child because they track and save it which will be sent to you via email. You can also view their reports via the reports found in each program.  There’s also customized buddies, full game page access, the ability to save coins for playing games, and has very limited advertising (no ads during lessons).  You can see the list of their prices here.

Now for our personal thoughts on this program.  All in all my 11 year old son enjoys the spelling, vocabulary, and U.S states programs.  He loves it when he finishes a section he earns coins to play games or dress up his buddy.  Here’s a picture of him doing one of his lessons:

What he doesn’t like is the math section of BigIQkids.  In his own words he said “the robot is creepy and I can’t concentrate on my math problems”.  I asked him what he meant by this.  He said “he’s just sitting there staring at me, waiting on me to get something wrong so he can say INCORRECT.  It’s like he’s thinking ‘hey kid you’re not going to get any game coins today and you’ll be here with me forever!’ (with an evil laugh).”  I asked him why he didn’t feel that way about the other programs on there when he doesn’t get everything right.  He said “because at least on the other ones they say ‘try again’ but on the math he just sits there looking, waiting for me to get it wrong because I have to master it”.  Now although my son does have Asperger’s and math is not one of his best subjects I was a bit concerned with his take on this.  I also have gone way down in the number of problems he does for each lesson.  He did get a little comical about it and we all laughed.  BUT…every time we log into BigIQkids he still doesn’t want to go near that section.  He gets filled with anxiety.  One day he even got a headache and had to take a nap.  So I’m not going to push him to do if it’s making him feel this way.  Other than the issue with the math he likes BigIQkids.

To help you understand how to utilize their site BigIQkids has training videos.  They also have a blog for parents so that you may want to interact with others for questions.  I hope you have gained a better understanding of this great program.  Don’t forget to check out what my other crew mates have to say about BigIQkids.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions in this review are entirely my own. I was not paid to write this but received a 1 year premium subscription to review and give my honest opinion.


Anonymous said...

Oh cool.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

For what it's worth, the math section bothered my daughter as well. She said it felt "mean". (This was when we reviewed it last year.) She said there was no need to be negative. Instead, they could have a positive way to let you know you needed to try again.

Growing In God's Wisdom said...

Yep I agree Heather.

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