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Wednesday, September 7, 2011



I’m so excited to finally be on the TOS Crew again! This is my second year since the Maiden Voyage. We have so many great products we will be reviewing this school year so you’re in for a treat.  First up in my reviews is Time4Learning. During my first year on TOS Crew I got a chance to review Time4Learning. You can read what I had to say about it here. Now on to this years review.


Time4Learning is a “technology-based online program that mainly focuses on Math and Language Arts curriculums using a combination of animated lessons, interactive activities, and reinforcing worksheets”.  They have combined learning with fun to keep your child engaged. The grade ranges are from preschool through eighth grade.  The program also includes science and social studies.  

Time4Learning is not only great for families who homeschool but is also a great after school skill sharpener for non homeschool students too.  Time4Learning’s “customized learning program provides flexibility in that you can adjust your child’s lessons up or down a grade level as needed. This helps provide a student-paced approach for mainstream, gifted, or special needs children”.  This program can be used for homeschooling as a core or supplement curriculum for one or more subjects.  The lessons are secular based so DON'T expect to find anything biblically based in these lessons.

The cost to use this program is a low monthly price of $19.95 a month. If you have more than one child each additional child costs $14.95 a month and there’s a 14 day money back guarantee. Each child will gets his or her own login name and password to do their lessons. Once you set up your parent account you can set up and adjust things from there.  There is a getting started guide and hints section to help you with questions you may have.

Parents have access to their child’s progress reports through their membership. The parent page shows all types of helpful resources like account information & updates, student info., and account history. The lesson plan section is divided into grade levels and subjects. You can click on the preferred one and go to a page that shows the lesson plans, how to use them, and they have a print option as well. There’s even a FAQ if you need more help understanding how to utilize these.

Under the student info. tab you’ll find a helpful video to explain how to use this section. While in this section parents also have access to their student records. The student records takes you to a portfolio page. The portfolio section is providing you progress reports regarding lessons, assignments, activities, and assessment scores. It also tracks student usage by date.  Here’s a screen shot to give you an idea of what to expect:


Some other neat things I noticed about this section were the:

Attendance Reports: shows how often your student has done work in the system each day and for how long each day.
Duration Reports: shows all the activities your student has completed and the time spent on each.
Student Score Reports: shows all the activities your student has completed, along with the time spent on each and the score

There’s nothing like help from parents who know answers to question you may have. For questions about education, getting to know parents from the same state and even military families there is a parent forum for questions like these and more.  Also if you are looking for ways to help your child with their writing skills, Time4Learning also has a writing program called Time4Writing.  It is an online writing course for Elementary to High School students. 

Now that I’ve given you the breakdown of this program here are my personal thoughts and opinions. First I’ll let you know what my 11 year old son had to say. When he first saw Time4Learning he was eager to get started. He loves that blue mouse on the top of the screen. He’s always smiling when he sees it.  He told me it makes him happy to get ready to learn.  His favorite thing is the animated talking characters. Not all of the subjects had the animated characters. He said he wished all the lessons had them because they would make learning more fun.  The big plus for him is that he gets to do his work on the computer. Here’s a picture of my son doing one of his lessons for the day.

What I liked most is that I don't always have to sit with my son while he does his lessons. When he’s struggling with something I sit and help him through it.  Other than that I can just get some things done around the house while he’s working. He stays focused and doesn’t play around like he’s not interested. It is a very user friendly and interactive program to navigate. We use it several times during the week as a supplement to go along with things we are already learning. 

I hope I have helped you understand what to expect from Time4Learning and maybe even sparked an interest to see if it’s a great fit for your children. When you stop by Time4Learning there is a place where you can sign up to receive their free newsletters.  Need a more visual picture to put in your head? Check out this youtube activities video that shows how the program works.  Also stop by and see what my other crew mates have to say about Time4Learning.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions in this review is entirely my own. I was not paid to write this but received a free month subscription for my honest opinion.


Our Peculiar Lives said...

It's so funny how different families view the same thing! My kids couldn't STAND the cartoon caracters! lol! That's where it's so great to have so many people reviewing the same thing. ;) Have a great week!

Kat said...

Great review! :) Both of my boys, ages 12 and 7, have used T4L for years and they enjoy it. My youngest definitely likes the animations and the characters. My oldest is fairly indifferent about them. Every once in a while he will see something on his brother's lessons and will remark on it; missing that character or something, lol. But he was that way even when he was younger. He was so glad to NOT be working in a workbook, he simply didn't care what the cartoons were like. :)

The ability to log on and get started on their day independently is really nice. I am very thankful that, if I have to help one, the other isn't held up waiting on me.

Again, great review. Thanks for sharing! :)


Growing In God's Wisdom said...

Thank you Kat!

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