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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Memoria Press: First Form Latin

My first year on the TOS Crew (Maiden Voyage) I was introduced to Latin.  My son fell in love with Latin when I received for review the Prima Latina from Memoria Press.  You can read my thoughts on it in this post.  After we finished Prima Latina my son asked to do more so we moved on to their Christiana Latina I.  We’re still working through that and hope to be finished soon.

I was shocked to see we were getting another chance to review more of their Latin curricula.  This time around for our review we received their First Form Latin.

Written by Cheryl Lowe

Age: grades 5 through college

Price: $55.00 for complete set  which includes: teacher’s manual, student text, student workbook, quizzes & tests, and pronunciation CD

There’s also an option to get the complete set with DVD and Flash Cards for $115.00

These items can also be bought individually.  See prices on the right side of this page.

I was excited when I received the white box in the mail.  I remember getting a box like this from Memoria Press before.  I was shocked at how big it was because I didn’t know what all they would send this time.  When I opened it up to my surprise it was well packed with the complete set as well as the DVD and flash cards.  I liked that a lot because having the DVD’s helps you (the teacher) out a whole lot.  The flash cards are great in helping my son review new words he’s learned.

The teacher’s manual is full of useful information. It has the introduction, guidelines, and overview of how to use the program.  You’re going to want to be sure to read over those pages because it will help you know how to get going.  It’s “comprehensive with key, scripted lesson plans, chalk talk, recitation, and review guidelines, quizzes, tests, vocabulary drill sheets, and much more”.

This is a well laid out and very thorough program. There is lots to cover in each lesson. “The student text is organized into five units that enables the learner to comprehend the whole in its logical parts”. There are 34 lessons (two pages each which are side by side).  These lessons takes around 30 minutes a day to complete.  “The student workbook had 4-6 pages of exercises for each lesson.  They guide the student through every skill needed for mastery of that lesson”.

Here’s how the teachers manual lays out daily lesson planning:

* Day 1—Recitation for 5 minutes, Teach lesson (do Latin saying for 3 min., vocabulary 10 min., Grammar 20 min.) and Workbook Section I and V for 15 minutes.
Day 2--Workbook Sections II for 30 minutes
* Day 3—Workbook Sections III for 30 minutes
* Day 4—Workbook Section IV for 10 min., Oral Drill in Text for 10 min., and Pre-test for 20 min.
* Day 5--If student hasn’t shown mastery in first 4 days use this day to review and restudy then give quiz again.

First Form Latin is an introduction to Christian Latin.  It “is the first of a series of four texts that cover the entire Latin grammar at a pace that fosters mastery.”  The “focus is on grammar forms and vocabulary”.  Although First Form Lain is designed for teachers and students with no Latin background it “is a great follow-up to Latina Christiana I”.  A major plus about this program is that “the completion of First Form Latin is an equivalent to one year of high school foreign language”.  If you are interested in seeing a sample lesson click on each of these:

Table Of Contents
First Form recitation
Sample from Student Textbook
Sample from Student Workbook
Sample from Teacher’s Manual

Of course we are not near finished with this.  We are still in the beginning of this study.  It’s harder for my son to grasp than I thought it would be.  The vocabulary is easy for him but when he does the workbook lessons he’s not doing well with those. We’re going to put this aside for now and pick it up again the next school year.  That will give us time to finish up the rest of Latina Christiana I.  This may give him some time to mature and maybe comprehend more.  Now that you’ve heard our experience with First Form Latin be sure to see what my other crew mates thoughts were.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions in this review are entirely my own. I was not paid to write this but received this complete curriculum free of charge to review and give my honest opinion.

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