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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study

I feel so blessed to have been selected to review a study I know will benefit my soon to be 12 year old son for years to come.  When I saw the big package from Crossway that came in the mail my eyes got big.  I couldn’t wait to open it up to see what was inside.  I looked over the contents, started smiling, and wondering if my son would like to incorporate it into his school lessons for Bible time.  So what did I get that got me all excited?

The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study: A Survey of the Bible
By: Starr Meade
Publisher: Crossway
Type: Paperback
Retail Price: $54.99 (FULL SET: Volumes 1-5)
Price by volumes: Volumes 1 & 2, (Old Testament w/answer key vol. 5) is $32.99
Volumes 3 & 4, (New Testament w/answer key vol. 5) is $32.99
Volumes 1 & 2 (Old Testament) is $27.99
Volumes 3 & 4 (New Testament) is $27.99
This study is available in multiple volumes or as a full set. The books are not sold individually.

The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study” is a series of workbooks that surveys the entire Bible. It teaches students each book of the Bible moving chronologically through the Bible. It can be used alone or as a supplement to their Bible reading. They will learn how to read the Bible for understanding and mastery. As they complete the course they will have not only greater knowledge the Word of God, but a love for it as well.

This study guide set is geared towards students in junior high and early high school. It aims to help them answer questions like “how are the pages of the Bible relevant to my life today?” or “Why is it so important that I read this book?”

Before getting started it’s important to read a few things first. In the “Quick Start” section Starr explains two ways the study book can be used. One way is as a supplement companion while reading through the entire Bible. The other way is as a workbook that guides you through an overview of the Bible.  You will learn about the shaded icons and book symbols within the lessons and why they are useful in the study. The “Getting Started” section is REALLY important for you and your student(s) to read. Here she explains to the student the reasons why “studying” verses just reading through the Bible is important in the life of a Christian. In order to understand all its meaning we need to study, analyze, and think about what is being said. The goal here is for the student to begin a lifetime of Bible study.

Starr points out that the main character in the Bible is God not the other people in the stories like Noah, Abraham, Jonah, ect.  The focus point is to look at “who God is, what He’s like, and what He does in the stories”.  Even though we may study the Bible just like we do any other book we should not treat it just like any other book.  We are not to pick and choose what we will believe or agree with from God’s word.  If we find the Bible contradicts our beliefs, opinions, and preferences, we have to give up our idea and accept the truth God reveals in the scriptures.  Last she tells the student not to expect Bible study to be easy.  It won’t always be fun or exciting to study nor will they understand everything they read.  That’s why we study for a lifetime because as time goes on we will continue to grow more in our understanding.

We used “The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study” by simply just following along with the questions.  As we began I have to be honest and say I thought it would be a little too much for my son to comprehend and it would lead him to feeling overwhelmed. This is do to him having a learning disability. Well I was wrong. Once I explained to him what to do he took off and was able to complete to lessons with minimum help from me.  He was excited to get started each day.  We didn’t always finish a whole lesson that day because after 30 minutes he would show he was getting tired from all the reading.  He also liked asking questions so we would get into deep discussions about some things. We’re in no hurry so the next day we just picked back up where we left off.  Here’s some pictures of him doing his lesson for the day:

We are no where near finished with this study. It will take the rest of the school year (possibly more) for us to get through it.  One thing my son loves is books that help him learn more about God.  I was so happy to see him really get in there pondering and thinking about things he read in the Bible as he worked through answering the questions in the workbook.  Receiving the full set of “The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever study” to review was definitely a blessing for our homeschool Bible study this year.  No other book your child picks up will impact their lives more than the Bible can.  This study is also available in e-book format for $9.99.

Disclaimer: Crossway Publishers provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was provided. Be sure to stop by their blog to read more book reviews.

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