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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wits & Wagers

One thing I’m loving this year about being on the TOS Crew is the cool games we have been getting to review.  There’s so many games out there but not all are family friendly or fit in with some of the family values.
North Star Games has some cool party games to play at your gatherings with friends and family.  In fact one of their most popular games Wits & Wagers is a party game that is mainly suitable for older teens (parents should decide whether it’s appropriate to meet their family standards) to adults.  They now have a family version of that game called “Wits & Wagers Family”.
Wits & Wagers Family “simplifies the rules and scoring system than the original Wits & Wagers party game. It features 300 new family-friendly questions and includes the use of real Meeples”.  Are you wondering what all comes in the box?  The game comes with 5 mini dry erase answer boards of different colors, 5 dry erase pens, 10 Meeples (5 Big, and 5 small wooden people to match the colors of the mini answer boards), a dry erase score board, 150 question and answer cards with a plastic holding tray, and the game rules.  The game is for ages 8 and up and can be played with 3-10 players (can be played individually or as a team in groups of twos).

How do you play the game?  The set up is easy and the directions are not complicated.  First one person has to read the question.  The other players are to write their guesses on their mini boards and place it face down on the table.  Once everyone is finished answering the cards will be turned face up and put in order.  The players place their 2 Meeples on the answer board(s) they think will win.  The person who asked the question will flip the question card over to the back to reveal the answer.  The one closest to the answer without going over scores the point (s).  Here is how the scoring works: you get one point for placing your Meeple on the winning answer.  You get one point for placing your small Meeple on the right guess, and 2 points for placing your big Meeple on the right answer.  The first player to reach 15 points wins the game.  Here are some pictures of our game:

I have had a blast playing this game.  What I like about it is:

* Easy set up.
* The rules are not complicated making it easy to learn how to play.
* Can be played in under 30 minutes making it short and quick.
* Sturdy boards and playing pieces.
* Kept us thinking but laughing all at the same time.
* Is a fun family game.

"Wits & Wagers Family” retails for $19.99 but the prices vary depending on where you buy it.  You can purchase it at places like Target, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.Wits & Wagers Family is a game that combines laughter and learning in a way that all ages can enjoy together!” Next up in my homeschool reviews you will hear about another North Star Game we were blessed to review.

Although I have told you what the family thinks of this game I encourage you to check out what other crew members think of Wits & Wagers Family.

 Disclaimer: The views and opinions in this review are entirely my own. I was not paid to write this but received this game free of charge to review and give my honest opinion.


Lea H @ Virtuous Foundations said...

This looks like a fun game! Thanks for sharing!

Growing In God's Wisdom said...

Yes it is a very fun family game. We play it every week now. Thanks for stopping by Lea!

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