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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time Timer

When my son was in kindergarten (in public school) he learned how to tell time on a paper clock he made with his resource teacher.  Unlike his regular ed teachers, she was his favorite teacher (mine too).  She saw so much potential in him.  For him knowing when things would happen has always been very important in his world.  Like many Aspie kids he didn’t like things to change and he showed great anxiety with anything that happened unexpectedly.  Even though at that time he was telling time because of his great rote memory skills, he had not yet mastered knowing how telling time would help him make sense of when things would happen.  Each year he got better with telling time and he also was able to know things like when his favorite shows would be on T.V. (he learned to read a T.V. guide to help with this), what time to get up in the morning or go to bed at night, lunch time, dinner time, bath time, time for the school bus to come, ect.  Now that he’s a little older he can tell us how long a T.V. program or movie lasts, and he’s able to look at the clock and see how long that looks.  The problem we still have with him is not knowing how much time is left or when he’s wasting time but he doesn’t realize it.  He really doesn’t have a concept of elapsed time.  That’s where this next review comes in handy.

The idea of the Time Timer came about through Jan Rodgers because of a struggle she saw with her own daughter when she was younger.  This type of timer can help a child understand time more clearly.  He or she will be able to “see” time as a measurement and begin to understand it’s duration to give him or her a basic concept of time.  The Time Timer is made with a transparent red disk that “creates a graphic image of the passage of time”.  As the time elapses the red disk begins to disappear little by little.  A child who doesn’t know how to tell time yet can also benefit from a timer like this.

Although the Time Timer is a great educational tool for K-12, and especially students with special needs, it can be used for persons of any age individually or in groups for a wide variety of tasks.  It can be used in business (on the job), as well as in plain old everyday life.

These are some of the ways the Time Timer is used:

*  Helping students manage their time wisely
*  Serves as a visual aid for learning about the passage of time
*  Keeping track of time during a test or therapy session
*  Setting limits of how much time to complete work, homework, chores, practice sessions, having playtime, being on the computer, ect.

The Time Timer comes in 3 different sizes (3”, 8”, and 12”).  I got the 3” for our review.  The price for the 3” timer is $30.00.  It’s small and very portable.  It has a plastic cover to protect the timer when you pack it in your bag or purse to take with you.  The cover also acts as a stand to help it stay in place in an upright position.  To operate it you will need your own AA battery (not included).  You have the option of turning the ringer sound off or on.  It’s not like a wall clock or typical timer (ie: kitchen timer) with ticking sounds and loud ringing.  This one has a "visual" element that shows how much time is left.  The red disk slowly fades away minute by minute (like a pie shape) revealing more of the white area.  You understand how you can actually “see” the passage of time?  The timer goes from 0-60 minutes just like a clock.  You can do segments of time in whatever increments you desire.  Once the time is up you will hear a soft beep-beep sound.  To help give you a visual of what I'm saying click here to see this timer in action.  I also have pictures to share with you of our time timer in use.

I LOVE using our Time Timer.  It gets used everyday and practically all day.  I use it with my son when he’s doing work to keep him focused.  He sees how much time he has to complete a task so he’ll go ahead and get it finished without playing around.  I’ve used it around the house when I want to remember it’s time to do something but I not necessarily looking at a clock.  It’s been used during reading times and even when timing how long me and my son playing a game.  The Time Timer not only comes in this form but in other ways as well.  They carry watches, software apps (for computer, iPhone, or iPod Touch), and wooden puzzles for kids 3 and up.

If you or someone you know can benefit from using this timer I bet you will love it too.  The days go by quickly so as the motto of their website says "make every moment count"!  Don’t forget to stop by the crew blog and see what my other crew mates had to say.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions in this review are entirely my own. I was not paid to write this but received a Time Timer free of charge to review, and give my honest opinion.

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