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Monday, January 2, 2012


PhotobucketMy 12 year old son said he has had the best Christmas ever.  Part of that had to do with what I shared with you in this post.  Thanks to (being on) the TOS Crew and Toydle he woke up Christmas morning with a BIG box sitting there waiting for him to unwrap.  We were not able to get a camera fast enough to show the surprised look on his face at the size of the package.  Next he tried to pick it up but discovered it was too heavy.  My husband told me I’m really good at wrapping gifts because he would have never figured out how to wrap that big box.  I wrapped it so well my son needed us to help him get started tearing the paper off in order for him to get into it. Once it was opened he saw a bag inside the box.  He looked confused because he didn’t know what could be in it.  When he opened it up he saw pipes, blocks, and clamps.  I could tell him was wondering what he was supposed to do with those.  I reminded him of the website I once showed him with the forts on it.  Just in time for Christmas we received a Big Fort to review.

He couldn’t wait for him and dad to get started putting it up.  With us living in an apartment and not a lot of space the fort was best built up high rather than spaced out.  All of the blocks and pipes didn’t get used it this first try but that doesn’t mean it won’t the next time. With plenty of imagination you can build a fort of various sizes with these pieces. Once they finished building and put sheets on there it looked like this.

My beautiful picture
Here is a roof high up. Look closely and you will see the black clamps that’s holding the sheets in place.
My beautiful picture
Here is a side view of the lower level of the fort.
My beautiful picture
Here is my son ready his Calvin and Hobbes comic book.
My beautiful picture
My son is really enjoying his fort.  He said “I’ve always wanted a tree-house but now I’ve got my own house in my room!”  He calls the fort his clubhouse. As I sit here and type he’s sitting in his fort, eating brown bag popcorn, and watching one of his favorite educational programs on T.V.  Every day he’s in his fort reading a book, playing with his toys (especially Legos), eating a snack, drawing his comics, or watching T.V. I have been telling him the past few days I need to take it down so I can vacuum the floor. I told him it can be put back up again once I’m finished but he just keeps throwing out other suggestions for me to clean other than taking down his clubhouse.  I’m glad he has something that makes him happy and helps him get creative using his imagination.  I wonder what he’ll build next; that is if he ever lets me take down his clubhouse to clean his floor.

If you need any ideas of toys or gifts for an upcoming occasion for the kids, I highly recommend checking out Toydle. These forts are really worth the price. The fort does not come with instructions because the point is to use your own imagination when building.  It does come with Care and Safety Instructions as well as a Lifetime Warranty. I also encourage you to stop by TOS Crew blog and see other families having fun with their forts.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions in this review are entirely my own. I was not paid to write this but received a Toydle Big Fort free of charge to review, and give my honest opinion.

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