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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vocabulary Spelling City

A couple of months ago I was thinking about the upcoming school year and what to use for spelling. I could tell that what we had been using the past 3 years was getting a bit repetitive and boring to my son. I never did go on a search for what to use next. I did not have to thanks to being on the Schoolhouse Review Crew. What we were assigned to review was the answer I needed and I’ll tell you why.

Vocabulary Spelling City is a free, interactive, educational website that schools, teachers, and homeschooling parents can use to set up individualized spelling and vocabulary lists for students in elementary through high school. Say goodbye to the days when you had to open a dry textbook to get your weekly spelling list. Turn that boring list into something fun and useful in many ways. With Vocabulary Spelling City your child or students can practice their spelling list through the use of Vocabulary, Alphabetical Order, Writing, Handwriting Practice, Parts of Speech and more.

Anyone who is interested can register for a free account to Vocabulary Spelling City. There are some beneficial uses with a free account. You will have access to the shared lists, ability to import your own lists, printable worksheets, teacher resources, and do online spelling tests. For our review we were given a 1 year premium membership.  The premium membership costs $29.99 a year for a family and can be used with up to 5 children. If you have a class or are running something like a co-op, you can pay $49.99 for a membership to be used with up to 25 students. The premium membership comes with LOTS of perks that you don’t get with a free membership. Here is a video to tell you all about it…


After registering my account I had to create a user name and password for my son to be able to log in and get his spelling list. On the upper right side of the screen is a teacher toolbox. From there I click on “list management” then it takes me to a page where I can click on “create a new list”. I set up my own list of words for him then save the list. The first few times I put up a list of words from different sports we learned about from the Summer Olympics. Let me also note you can make the list however long or short you need it to be. This week I have a list of words from his lesson in his Zoology book. Here is a screenshot of what that looks like:

create list
From here I can now choose some activities for him to do with these words. So again I go to the teacher toolbox and click on “assignments”. This takes me to a page where I can click on “create a new assignment”. From there I have the options of selecting a list, pick activities/games for him to do, select student (s), and add assignment details. My son enjoys getting on the computer playing the games. Here are screenshots of the page it goes to once he’s logged on and a few of the games he has to do:

student page of assignments
This is the page he sees after logging in and clicking on the week’s assigned word list. It shows the activities and whether or not they are completed.

Match It
This is a game called Match It. He has to match the words with the definitions.

Word Find
This game is called Word Find. Here he has to put the letters in order to form the correct spelling of the word.

Some of the games are easy and quick for him. Others are harder and take more time. Each day I only require him to do 2 activities. He does an easy activity and a more difficult one so that he does not get overwhelmed and frustrated. I found their training videos to be very helpful for me to understand how to use the website. Vocabulary Spelling City will be our new way to do spelling for now. If you want to learn more see their FAQ page. You can also “like” them on Facebook and “follow” them on Twitter.

Other families from the Schoolhouse Review Crew shared how they used Vocabulary Spelling City. Stop by to see what they had to say.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions in this review are entirely my own. As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I was not paid to write this but received 1 year premium membership to “Vocabulary Spelling City” at no cost to me for review purposes, and to give my honest opinion.


Anonymous said...

Iv used this before, i Love it

Growing In God's Wisdom said...

Hey Renee! This is my first time using it. I saw it once before but had never tried it. I didn't know what we were missing.

Club Registration said...

I must say that overall I am really impressed with this blog.It is easy to see that you are impassioned about your writing. I wish I had got your ability to write. I look forward to more updates and will be returning.jo

Paul said...

Which do you prefer better? BigIQKids or Vocabulary Spelling City?

Growing In God's Wisdom said...

Hi Paul. Both are good programs in my opinion. I did give my son a choice of which one to do this school year and he chose Vocabulary Spelling City. He doesn't care for BigIQKids because of the robots just sitting there (like starring at you) and how they keep saying "incorrect" whenever he gets something wrong. He won't even look at the website anymore. You have to take into account that he's a special needs child. Things that bother them don't necessarily bother typical children.

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