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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Workboxes and our New School Year

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Another school year has begun for us. It is also our 4th year using Sue Patrick’s Workbox System. I have been doing lots of thinking and decided this will be our last year using the setup we currently have. I believe my son got bored with the setup last year and now I’m finding myself getting bored with it too. It was fun and exciting the first year we began but now it’s time to change things up a bit. I’ll be searching out some new ideas for next year’s workbox setup. My son will be an 8th grader so I’ll be looking for something fit for teens as they head on into the high school years. Uh oh…did I just say high school? *GASP* My baby (ahem-young man) will be a grown man before I know it. I think I’ll push that thought back a bit because I’m not ready to be saying that yet. :0

Before I get into all the things that are in his workboxes this year I want to share what’s in box #1. Back in 2010 I tried to teach my son about time management and get him organized by helping him keep a planner of his own. He didn’t take interest in it so we sat it aside midway into the school year. I’m revisiting that idea again for this school year because he desperately needs to learn how to keep his papers organized. He misplaces things all the time and crams his papers into his folders so we really need to work on this. If for no other reason than to teach him how to be more responsible rather than just neat and organized than that’s the goal here.

Here are some pictures of some things I have in his folder…
My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture
The first picture is the front of his planner. We’re using the Intermediate Schoolhouse Planner. Next is our school year calendar. I have highlighted for him important dates pertaining to our school year. Things like holidays, days off, ect.

My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture
This is his daily school schedule and a calendar with all the birthday of famous black people in history. We started this in January and will continue keeping up with the birthdays for each month throughout the year.

My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture
I have him do some activities to get his school day started and here are a few. I printed these from different places I found online. First is a chart were he write what day of school we are on as well as a tally mark sheet. This is just for the purpose of keeping count of our school days.

My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture
Since money is a struggle for him I have him do this activity although it is for younger students. The next picture is a monthly reading log for him to keep up with what he has read. He will begin a 100 book challenge and will be rewarded with a big prize once he has reached his goal.

My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture
This is the front and back of a bookmark that he will use to keep up with the list of books he has read.

My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture
This is a page where he can color a book each time he has finished reading a book. This will help him see how close he is to reaching his goal. The next page is a journal entry. Once he has finished the other activities above he has free time to write and draw before we begin our work for the day.

Now on to our workboxes. This is our weekly schedule of what we are doing this year…


Bible- Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here?
Everyday Idioms- As you see in the picture (Kick the bucket) he has to guess what the meaning of the Idiom is then draw a picture of what he thinks it means. If he gets it wrong I’ll tell him the real meaning then he has to write that down and draw another picture reflecting it's meaning.
Math- MUS Delta w/notebooking (he struggled with this one so we did not finish last year.
Spelling- Vocabulary Spelling City

Other days during the week---

Reading- One Minute Reader
L.A.- WriteShop Junior D alongside Create Better Writers
Science- Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day w/Notebooking
Geography- 7 Continents of the World Unit Study (will be done similar to our 50 States Unit Study)
History- Lewis & Clark Unit Study/Lap~n~Notebook
Foreign Language- Make a Spanish Lapbook to use with REAL Homeschool Spanish
Health/Life Skills- Cooking Basics Lapbook
Art- Art Appreciation Lapbook
Music- A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers
Computer- KidCoder (we started on this before but never finished)

These are the plans for the year but things could change unexpectedly along the way. No matter what there will always be learning going on. To God be the glory for all He has provided!


Discovering Montessori said...

Very well organized! Thank you for sharing.

Growing In God's Wisdom said...

Thank you and you are very welcome. :)

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