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Monday, June 10, 2013

"We're All in the Same Boat"

It's summer break for public schools and some homeschoolers. We school year round for personal reasons but our summer time schedule is very laid back. We're usually finishing up work that needs to be completed, participating in summer reading programs, and doing lots of fun activities. For over a year I have been helping my son learn the meaning of idioms. Being a special needs child this doesn't come easy for him. What gets in his way is comprehension and needing time to think and process the information. He's getting better by the day but we're continuing on for another year so he can get better at guessing.

We keep the idioms in a notebook titled "Everyday Idioms".  Each day on a new page he's given an idiom to figure out the meaning. Then he draws a picture of what he thinks it means. If he's right we proceed on but if he's wrong I'll tell him the meaning. He writes that down and draws another picture as well as make up a sentence for it. We've got a couple of notebooks at this point and it's a good activity to get the school day started. This is one of the activities I chose to continue for our summer schedule and I thought I'd come here each day (Mon.-Fri.) to post what his Idiom For the Day (IFTD) was.

Today's IFTD is "We're All in the Same Boat".
CJ's guess: Everyone is the same
Correct meaning: To be in a similar situation or have the same problem.
His sentence: He can't get home because he missed his taxi and another guy said we're in the same boat.

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