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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Beginning of A New School Year

My beautiful picture It's that time of the year again. You know…the start of a new school year. We're now in our 7th year homeschooling. It is also the 5th year we have used the Workbox System. Looks like we will be using these until my son is no longer in school. Just like many others we have tweaked the system to fit our lives. We started in the beginning with this 10 box cart from JoAnn’s and it still serves us well. My son insisted we no longer needed the numbers, number strip, and pictures. He says “I already know how to count and the pictures make me feel like a little kid”. I got a good laugh then went to work making the boxes more teen like for him. Dad found some word pictures to replace what we were using. I printed those out, laminated them and now they are in use on the workboxes. I replaced his picture schedule with a weekly schedule I print out and put in his school planner. This should help make him more responsible for going and seeing what we plan to get done each day. There is no more numbers on the boxes. That is replaced with the subject for the contents in each box (math, science, history, ect.). He quit using the number strip 2 years ago so I don’t bother with that any longer.

My beautiful pictureWhat will we do this year?  I planned a lot but I don’t know how much we’ll actually finish. In our workboxes this year we have….

Bible- Apologia: Who Is My Neighbor? (and Why Does He Need Me?)

Math/Life Skills- This one is still a work in progress. We’re starting off with something fun like making the Division Lapbook from Homeschool Share. After that I want to take a good portion of the year to work with him on money. Because he’s a special needs child this is an area that takes more time a maturity than it would typical kids. He knows the value of different coins and dollar bills. Most of the time he can count and tell you how much money he has. The thing he can’t do is spend money at the store by himself. He doesn’t understand how much to give the cashier for purchases. If he’s given more than required he doesn’t understand he needs to wait for them to give him his change. A lot of this is problems in the area of social skills. That’s why I titled this Math & Life Skills.

Language Arts- We will try Word Roots A2 again since he had a hard time grasping it before. We’re working through Sequential Spelling 4 and may get to 5 before the end of the school year.  He asked to finish reading King Alfred’s English so we’ll fit that in too.

History- As we study about America’s History we will be putting together a notebook that will have things about how our government works on all levels (state, federal, ect.) the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Gettysburg Address,  and other important documents. My plan is to have a notebook we keep adding to each year so that by the time he’s ready to vote he’ll have the knowledge needed to make a quality decision with everything there at his fingertips.

Science- We’ll be studying about human anatomy, the brain, nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, ect.

Health/P.E.- We will learn more about eating healthy and taking care of our bodies.

Art- Since my son likes to doodle I will look for “how to draw” things online to help him expand on his drawing skills.

Typing- We're picking back up with Keyboarding for the Christian School we did for a review.

Foreign Language- We will pick back up with Visual Latin. He really enjoyed the first 10 lessons we did during our review and has asked to do more. A week ago I was able to get the next 20 lessons I needed at a discount before they were discontinued.

This pretty much sums up our year. Looks like a lot but we don’t do each one of these subjects every single day. We may not get all the things I planned done so I’ll just carry it over into the next year. I’m loving this journey and time with my son. We learn a lot together and most of all I love to just sit and watch him get excited over something new he has learned.  His favorite line is “Now I didn’t know that!”.  Praying for God’s Will in our home and school year.


Sherri said...

Hi there,

Looks like you will be having a great year. Your workbox system looks great. I'm too old to be taught new tricks but I love reading about how others make these things work. Hope to stop by more often this year.

Growing In God's Wisdom said...

Nah Sherri one never gets too old to learn new tricks :-) Thanks for stopping by.

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