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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fun In the Kitchen

Today I decided to make chili since it’s that time of year and the weather is a little cool outside.  The high today is supposed to be in the upper 60’s.

I invited my son in the kitchen for a little cooking lesson.  He was GLAD to get a break from his other school work.  This gives me an idea. Hmm...maybe I should start a “In the kitchen with CJ” series here on the blog.  I’ll think on it for a while.  Anywho...here’s my helper in the kitchen helping his mom…

My beautiful picture
Here he’s browning some beef.  He had already browned some ground meat but we’re making this chili very meaty. I also had him sauté some veggies.  After that he measured out all the spices.

My beautiful picture
He added all the cans of tomatoes and sauce with the cooked meat and veggies and spices to the crock pot.  We’re trying something different too.  I had him add in some pumpkin to replace the beans we would have used before (making dietary changes now).  In about 6-7 hours we will be enjoying one of our Fall favorite comfort foods.

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Anonymous said...

COOL! Yea that is a FANTASTIC Idea on doing a In the kitchen with CJ :)
I am thinking about just closing mine, people do not come in,and post, well maybe 2 people.So I was thinking of just closing totally.

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