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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Civil War Unit

For the past few months we have been learning all about the Civil War. We have watched many hours of video footage on the causes and effects of the war. We did reading and made a lapbooking journal. We even watched several different old movies about slavery. Dad and I wanted him to really see what the slaves had to go through and we had hours of discussions as a family. Our son was really interested and learned so much. It was great to dig deep and allow him learn things he would have never learned had he been in public school. He wanted to keep going with the study but we had to eventually wrap it up to move on to another war he wants to learn about.

Keep reading as I share with you some of the interesting things we learned about the Civil War. Did you know the Civil War lasted for 5 years? It lasted from 1861-1865. This war tore the United States apart. The south did not want to be part of the Union any longer. The Confederates (Southerners) believed they were fighting for their right to not have their property taken from them which included slaves. The Union (Northerners) believed slavery should be outlawed.  Do you know what the main cause of deaths were in this war? It was diseases. The medical practices were not very sanitary so many died due to catching diseases from other soldiers.

There is so much to learn about the Civil War that I could go on and on. I encourage any of you to take time to thoroughly learn all you can. We were amazed at how much we did not know or that what we had been told was incorrect information. That is why is it so important to check out all the facts before believing what you are told is true. We will be doing more war studies. I will come back again to share with you what we learned about next.


Renee said...

Hard to believe it is almost Christmas...

Becoming A Kingdom Woman said...

I know! Thanks for the card. I'll be calling you sometime soon :-)

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