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Thursday, February 2, 2017

It’s Groundhog Day!

I wonder what will the groundhog predict today? By the time they have finished giving the prediction my son and I will be just dragging ourselves out of bed. (Note: I’m scheduling this post before I head to bed so that it will post early in the morning while I’m still buried under warm covers *wink) My hubby gets up early for work so he’ll fill me in on the details on his way out the door. Since we’re all thinking about Groundhog Day I thought I’d do a Throwback Thursday post of a lapbook my son did nine years ago.

Groundhog Day Lapbook
If you are looking for some fun Groundhog Day lessons and/or activities to do with your little ones today, be sure to check out my Groundhog Day Lapbook post. We did a little Unit Study that year and made a lapbook to go along with it. In my post I included links where we got the information and printables used to make our lapbook. My son had a lot of fun back then learning all about this day. He’s much older now so it’s just another day for him. He may just look up the prediction online to see what they said, and get on with the rest of his day.  Gather up the kids and make it a fun day earning all about Groundhogs on this special day.

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