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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Lightning Literature: American Mid-Late 19th Century~ Review

Hello dear readers.  For the past month we have been discussing and answering “questions that address social, political, religious, and philosophical” things that come about when one reads literary works from well known authors. This coming school year my high school son will be studying literature so it is very important we find a homeschool curriculum that will help us along the way. Today I will be sharing with you my review of American Mid-Late 19th Century from Hewitt Homeschooling.

Hewitt Homeschooling
Hewitt Homeschooling got its start in 1963-64. In 1969 it became the Hewitt Research Foundation to honor one of it’s co-founders Carl Hewitt.  The other co-founder Dr. Raymond Moore is one that is known by many in the homeschool community. Dr. Moore is a well known author of books like “Home Grown Kids” and “School Can Wait”. At Hewitt Homeschooling they place an “emphasis on combining excellent academics with character development, instilling the work ethic, and developing a spirit of community service in the next generation.” They offer a balanced, flexible, and complete approach to homeschooling for Kindergarten to high school students.

Hewitt Homeschooling Mid-Late 19th Century

For our review we were sent the Lightning Literature & Composition American Mid-Late 19th Century for high school grades 9-12.  The Student Guide is a total of 170 pages and a perfect bound (soft cover) text. The price is $32.95. The Teacher Guide is a total of 55 pages. It is on white paper that is stapled with 3 hole-punched sides. It is good for adding to your teacher planner that’s in a 3-ring binder.  The price is $3.95.

Lightning Literature are language arts curricula guides that:

1. Uses whole books and other classic literature
2. Teaches deep reading and writing skills
3. Maintains or increases a love of reading
4. Focuses on a particular time and place, topic (subject), or author
5. Helps reading comprehension

 Lightning Literature and Composition Pack
American: Mid to Late 19th Century

For this review we were only sent the Teacher and Student Guides. There are books that are needed to use this curriculum. It is suggested you get unabridged copies of them if you don’t purchase the complete pack which includes all the books. The price for that is $57.38. I had to get the required books myself which were easy for me to find at our local library. The ones that are needed are:

- Harriet Beecher Stowe (novel: Uncle Tom's Cabin)

- Mark Twain (novel: Huckleberry Finn)

- Stephen Crane (novel: The Red Badge of Courage)

- Jack London (novel: The Call of the Wild)

Other stories and poems covered in Lightning Lit & Comp American Mid-Late 19th Century that are already included in the student guide are:

- Walt Whitman (selected poems from Leaves of Grass)

- Bret Harte (short story, "The Outcasts of Poker Flat")

- Paul Laurence Dunbar (selected poems)

- Emily Dickinson (selected poems)

Hewitt Homeschooling Schedule  Hewitt Homeschooling Grading Tips

The Teacher Guide (TG) includes grading tips and templates to help assist you in grading your child’s work, schedules for a semester (18 weeks), or full year (36 weeks) of work. A good thing to know is that this course is worth 1/2 high school credit. You can also supplement with other English work for 1 full credit. The TG also has answers to the SG comprehension questions, writing exercises, discussion questions, and project suggestions.

HH American Mid-Late 19th Century

The Student Guide (SG) is written to the student. The SG includes an introduction of helpful things the student needs to know about the course, biographies of the authors, comprehension questions, literary lessons, poems and short stories, and writing exercises. We began our first few days by reading through the SG introduction together. He quickly noticed several things mentioned about figurative language that he had learned in a previous poetry course. That would be things like simile, metaphor, alliteration, ect. I’m glad we had covered some poetry beforehand so this would not be brand new to him.

HH American- Mid-Late 19th Century

So far we have been reading through Uncle Tom’s Cabin and answering comprehension questions. He has been enjoying the discussions we have had about slavery, being a believer, or an unbeliever. We talk about how the characters must feel, their reactions to the situations, and what he would do if it were him. I plan to continue and do the full year schedule they provide. I will have to try to figure out how to modify the literary lessons and writing exercises for him. As written they will not work because of his learning disability. He is on the Autism Spectrum, and has Language Processing Disorder (LPD) which means he’s language delayed. He has been like this his whole life. LPD is when you have problems with expressive language- what you say, and/or have problems with receptive language- how you understand what others are saying. My son is affected by both of these. If this were not an issue I think this course would be a great fit for him.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. To read about more products from Hewitt Homeschooling from my other Crew mates; click on the banner below to read more.
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