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Monday, March 5, 2018

Magic Stix Washable Markers~ Review

Hello everyone. When I was a kid I loved when I got a new coloring book. Of course it would be one of the latest T.V. cartoons and characters of the time. With a new coloring book comes new crayons, watercolors, or markers. Markers where my absolute favorites to color with. I loved seeing my art creations from the array of colors. Over the past few weeks I have been testing out Magic Stix Washable Markers that we were sent to review from The Pencil Grip, Inc.

Magic Stix Markers
Are you looking for “innovative products for your home, school, or office”? The Pencil Grip, Inc. may have just what you’re looking for. Last year I shared about their mess free tempera paint sticks that dries in 90 seconds. This time I was sent their 24 pack Magic Stix Washable Markers that I’m thrilled to tell you all about.

Magic Stix Washable Markers
The Magic Stix Washable Markers are for ages 3+. There are "24 assorted colors", and they are "non-toxic and unscented". This 24 pack of markers can be purchased for $14.72. Magic Stix Washable Markers comes in a clear plastic case that snaps close. When you open the case, you will see that inside is an inner plastic shell which holds each of the 24 markers snugly in a separate slot. I like that it has a snug fit because they don’t easily fall out. A bonus is that the case can easily fit on a child’s lap to be used as a flat surface for working on a coloring page when there is no table around.

Colors of 24 Washable Markers
An interesting feature of the Magic Stix Washable Markers is it’s said the markers won't dry out for 7 days with the cap off. I put that to the test with 3 different markers. One was gray, the other was brown, and another was magenta (I think that’s the color). I went and marked on a plain white sheet of paper on day one. I left the marker sitting around with the cap off on purpose for this test. I didn’t write with the marker(s) each day to see how they looked. Sometimes I waited every other day, or every 3 to 4 days in between before writing with it on the paper.

7 day marker test
As you can see in the picture above, the color was just as colorful each time I wrote with it. There was no fading of the color from the marker being exposed to air day after day. I also tested the claim that they are washable. I had marked an old white cloth with a marker. I left it sitting for 2 weeks before washing it. The color washed off well, but there was a VERY light (faded) line that I could still see. It wasn’t bad, and didn’t bother me. I did wonder if that mark would have completely gone away if I had washed it within a few days of making the mark instead of 2 weeks later. I let my son test the markers by coloring some pages we’re using as subject dividers for his end of the year school portfolio.

Artwork using Magic Stix Markers
He worked on 3 different pages. As you can see the colors look bright and bold as stated on the box. There was some bleed through seen from the back of the printer paper we used. I’m not sure if that would be the case for something thick like card stock. If you have a craft lover in the house, I bet he or she would enjoy using these Magic Stix Washable Markers from The Pencil Grip, Inc.

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NeededInTheHome said...

I really enjoy the artwork with the word art displayed. Very nice work!

Mrs. Rhodes said...

Thank you!

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