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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Princess Cut {Watchman Pictures} Review

Hello lovely readers. I’ve mentioned before how I'm always on the lookout for faith-based family movies. We have family movie nights as much as we can. They normally happen on a Friday night or sometime during the day on Saturday. We settle for movies that are interesting enough for all of us to enjoy. I was recently chosen to do a review of a family-friendly movie called Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures.

Watchman Pictures is a family owned Christian production company who specializes in movies from a Christian Worldview.  For review purposes, we were sent a DVD copy of their movie Princess Cut.  This movie came out in 2015 and is a family-friendly romantic drama suitable for ages 8+. The running time is 97 minutes (around 1 hour 36 minutes). At this time you can purchase it for $9.99.

Princess Cut
Princess Cut tells the story of a young lady named Grace Anderson who is “trying to navigate her way through relationships”. For so long she has dreamed of the day when that special someone will ask her to marry him, and “slip a Princess Cut Diamond ring on her finger”. From then on they would live happily ever after. The main characters in the film are as follows:

First up is the Anderson family. They live in a farmhouse in a place called East End in North Carolina. There is Grace Anderson who is a sweet college girl in her early 20’s. Her father’s name is Jim. He is the owner of a soybean farm that has been in his family for 3 generations. Grace’s mother is Katherine, and she also has two younger brothers. The oldest is named Robert, and the youngest one is named Drew. Grace also has a best friend named Tessa. Other characters I will later mention or talk about are Stewart, Jared, Clint, and Brooke.

The movie opens with Clint burying a ring box. We don’t know why at this moment because the story goes on to show Grace at the jewelry store looking at engagement rings. Tessa interrupts her because they need to get going. Back at home Grace tells her mom she saw a Princess Cut Diamond ring at the jewelry store. While Grace is looking for an outfit to wear on her date out with her boyfriend Stewart, her mom asks what she likes about him. Grace says "well he’s cute, fun, and smart". Her mother reminisces while telling her about a guy she once knew like that, but he talked about himself way too much. Grace shares how she really believes Stewart is going to ask her to marry him on their date. After all, they have been dating for 15 months now. While the family is sitting at the table for dinner, Grace’s dad asks where she was. Her mom told him about her date with Stewart. Dad thinks she’s getting too emotionally attached to him. He wants to meet him, but Stewart ends up calling Grace and asking her to meet him at the diner they had planned to go to.

When Grace gets there she is in shock to see Steward surrounded by several other people at the table. She was confused because she thought it would be a special time for just the two of them. After a while, she grows tired of watching him act immature with his friends. She goes on to remind him there was something he said he wanted to tell her. Stewart gets up, grabs another girls hand, and shares the news with everyone that they were getting married. This news turned Grace’s world upside down. She got up and left with a broken heart. This is the second time this has happened to her. The first time was with a guy named Bryce. She broke down in tears as she shared with her parents how she was beginning to think that God didn’t want her to get married.

Chapters from Princess Cut
The next day at the coffee shop she tells Tessa what had happened. She wasn’t much help at making Grace feel better. After Tess left Grace went up to the counter to order a latte. The guy taking her order recognized her from the jewelry store. He started asking her about that day. She was not happy about being reminded of the “worst day of her life”. She walked off and sat down to drink her latte. He knew he had put his foot in his mouth so he came over to the table to apologize. His name is Jared. He used to work at the jewelry store and now works at the coffee shop because "he enjoys watching people fall in love over coffee". They talked for a while then she got up to leave. He came outside before she left, and asked if he could call her sometime. She programmed her number into his cell phone.

The Anderson family goes over to meet the new owner that moved in to renovate the old Bates Farm. His name is Clint Masters from Colorado. He just recently graduated from med school and has moved to East End to start a new job at the town’s medical clinic. The Anderson’s come over with a homemade pie and gives him a warm welcome. You can already tell by the conversation that he and the Anderson’s have gotten off to a great start. Clint doesn’t know it yet, but a friend from back home named Brooke is trying to find him.

Back at the Anderson home, Grace wants to talk to her dad about Jared. In the middle of their conversation, the doorbell rang. It was none other than Jared himself. Grace was surprised to see him there. She wondered how he even knew where she lived. He said he looked her up on the internet. Can you say CREEPY? That’s the first thought that came to my mind. Grace’s parents didn’t look too sure about Jared, but Grace proceeded on to go out on dates with him anyway. Things were not going well for Grace because she was now in an awkward position with Jared that she felt uncomfortable about. Her friend Tessa suggested she talk to her mom’s therapist. Let’s just say that didn’t go too well either. This woman gave her some bad advice. She said things like “I see a woman in search of identity” and “you may need a trial run- a starter marriage”.  Grace knew this was not the views she held and was smart enough to quickly leave that misguided woman’s office.

Grace eventually opens up to her parents about what had gone on between her and Jared. Her father appreciated that she had come to them with the truth. He apologized to her for being too busy and promised to help her prepare for marriage if she would trust him. He and her mother wanted to protect Grace from having her heart broken again and having any more regrets. Jim wanted to help guide her, but she needed to stop trying to find love and let God bring love to her.

Princess Cut DVD- front & back
My husband, 18 year old son, and I all watched this movie together a couple of times. In my opinion, it wasn’t your typical chick flick because there was something we all could take away from it. It helped open the door for my husband and me to talk to our son about the character traits of each guy represented. We discussed the difference between a good guy according to the world's view versus a godly guy according to biblical standards. We wanted him to understand the difference between trying to be good and showing true Christ-like love for others. We read sections throughout Proverbs (like chapters 2, 5, 6, 7,9, etc.) where the son is being taught/warned about the immoral woman. This helped us to compare and contrast 3 of the young women from the movie. We wanted to help our son understand what to look for in a potential godly wife, and what red flags to pay attention to in females whose heart and priorities are in the wrong place. There is also a discussion guide in the resource section of the website. It has 10 questions that can help you have deeper discussions about romance and life relationships in general. It is a downloadable JPG file. It would have been nice to have it in PDF format. I believe this is the type of movie would certainly appeal to Christians wanting to look at love and dating from a biblical perspective. There’s mention of God, church, and morality all throughout it.

Special Features
I don’t normally watch the special features section of movies. This time I was eager to know more of what went on behind the scenes. In the making of Princess Cut, we get to meet the co-writer Sheilah Mungar and learn more about the director (her husband) Paul Mungar.  They have 7 children which are all homeschooled. Sheilah tells how the idea for the movie came from her husband’s idea of “my daughter's dates”. When you watch the movie you’ll understand what she means by this. We were cracking up during the movie when we watched all these different guys show up at the house to be interviewed as a potential husband for Grace. This is because of an ad her little brother Drew put in the newspaper. When she found out he was in big trouble.

I also noticed that some of the production crew made an appearance in a few scenes. I noticed Sheilah as the waitress at the diner. I also noticed her sitting at the table with her kids during the Harvest Festival. Other production crew members were there getting food, and lining up to shoot traps. As I browsed around more on the website I was surprised to see that they are planning sequels for Princess Cut. I enjoyed this movie so much that I definitely want to see what happens next. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. To read what others thought of Princess Cut, click on the banner below to see what my other Crewmates had to say.

Princess Cut {Watchman Pictures Reviews}

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