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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Alpha-Phonics digital update

Hello everyone. Back in 2013, I did a review of an instructional reading program called Alpha-Phonics. Today I want to share with you an update on the program so please keep reading.

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Alpha-Phonics is sold through the Paradigm Company. It is a family business founded in 1984 by Peter and June Watt. The Watt’s publish books for Samuel Blumenfeld who is the author of “Alpha-Phonics “and “How To Tutor”. For over 30 years they have been helping homeschooling parents successfully educate their children. Part of this is done by offering materials focusing on the 3-Rs (reading, writing, and arithmetic). They also have a sister site called McGuffey’s Reader World. Most important of all is that the Watt’s goal is holding to a Christian perspective.

Alpha Phonics- digital
In my previous review I shared how Alpha-Phonics the Book was available on CD-Rom. They have updated things so now everything in the original book is also available on a small Flash Drive. You can purchase the CD-Rom or Flash Drive for $9 each. You can find them at places like RainbowResourceCenter.com, ChristianBookDistributors.com, and more. To use this device you will need at least Windows 95 up to any newer version on your laptop or computer. You will need speakers too because there is sound (background music and spoken instructions).

I received my flash drive by USPS. When it came I was shocked to see how small it really is. I got out my San Disk Flash Drive and a postage stamp to compare the sizes. As you can see the Alpha-Phonics flash drive is no longer than the postage stamp. No wonder they had it securely taped inside. It came with a welcome letter that has detailed instructions for use. You can also view an instructional video on the website. Even though it is such a small device I like that it has a little section for you to clip/add onto a key ring. That’s handy because it’s portable plus you wouldn’t want to lose it in a pile somewhere.
This program is very easy to use. Let me show you some screenshots of the process as I went through it.

Starting up program
Once you put the flash drive in your computer you will see this pop-up. Be careful not to put it in wrong like I did. It took me a minute to figure out why it was not working at first. I had it in there wrong. It clearly states on the bottom of the direction sheet:
PS: Be sure to insert the Flash Drive in the USB Port with the IMPRINT of ALPHA-PHONICS FACING DOWN. I had it facing the opposite directions.
Lesson learned…read ALL of the instructions CAREFULLY. :-) I clicked on that purple ball you see in the above pic.

book opening up
Now you’ll see a picture of the book as it pulls up. Then it takes you straight to the starting page.

Inside the program
You now have access to the whole book and can begin. As I stated earlier that it has sound so you will need to have your speakers turned up to hear everything. From there you click on your choice of the section of the program you want to go to. For more details of what’s inside be sure to read more here as well as view the 6.5 minute video showing how to use the product at the website.

Before I go I wanted to share they also have an Oral Reading Assessment Test to let you know what level your student is at. Check them out on YouTube where you’ll find them sharing all sorts of helpful videos and you can see the program in use. They also have a blog dedicated to sharing tips, encouragement, and lots of other educational stuff.

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