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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Books of the Bible At-a-Glance {Teach Sunday School} Review

Hello lovely readers. As a believer in Christ it is important we make it a habit daily to take time to read and study the Word of God. It is so vital and crucial to our spiritual growth. Not only is this important for adults, but our kids need to see us setting an example before them. We can help them to understand this need for their own lives. In my daily Bible reading, when I come to a new book in the Bible, I reach for my Books of the Bible At-a-Glance from Teach Sunday School to give me an overview of the book.

Books of the Bible At-a-Glance review
Teach Sunday School is “the web’s number one resource for Sunday School lesson ideas”.  They believe that “teaching the Bible should be a JOY and not a CHORE”. They offer pre-planned Bible lessons for busy Sunday School Teachers and Christian parents. There are resources available for “kids of all ages”.  There are things like:

- Print and go lesson plans which are complete curriculums for ages 4-12,
- Bible printables (like mazes, word search, crossword puzzles, and journal prompts for ages 5-18)
- Bible Games (like Jeopardy, Tic-Tac-Toe, Bingo, and Treasure Hunts)
- Seasonal items for Back-t0-school, holidays, and even Summer
- Bible Crafts for ages 4-18
- Christian Skits and Plays for pageants, plays, and puppet shows
- Christian Parenting material for teaching kids morals, defending their faith and so much more.

These “Bible teaching tools” are there to help “make the Bible come alive”.

         Sample reference page   Books-of-the-Bible-at-a-Glance-cover-2018

The Books of the Bible At-a-Glance are 1-page “cheat sheets” for every book of the Bible. They are “reference sheets which are designed to provide you with context and placement when studying each book of the Bible”. Each page tells “who, what, when, where, why” background information. This helps “give you the background to frame how a particular lesson fits into God’s historic story”.

This is available as a 74 page PDF download. All 66 books of the Bible are covered. For a limited time, you can purchase these Book-By-Book Bible Printables for only $9. This can be used with kids grades 3 to adult. They are great “for personal, family, a single church, and school use.” In their copyright, it states that:
You are able to print as many times as you would like for personal, family, or single church and school use.

One-page reference sheets

Each At-a-Glance page has everything for each book fitted on 1 page. This is great because you only have 1 sheet to print and/or look at. I use mine in a notebook as a cover page for the book of the Bible I’m currently studying. Each Bible summary sheet has:

* Book Title
* Number and Placement: each book presented in the order number of where it is in the Bible
* Author: learn that some book titles have the same name as the author
* Date it was written
* Time period: things that happened in the past up to things to come in the future
* Famous verses: ones that are most loved by the American people
* Famous Stories (something unique that happened in that book)
* Important Points: outline of events, and overall messages to remember

In the Introduction, they provide ways to use the sheets. One way is to use it as a study by itself, or as a supplement to any Bible lesson or study. You could also print and pass it out to your students before studying a particular book of the Bible. They can get an overview of the book and Bible stories they may come across. The sheets can also be used when doing a lesson series by focusing on books that you think are most important for that semester. This will give your students a “birds-eye perspective” as you begin. Another cool way to use these is to create worksheets for your students. You could create things like a timeline, fill-in-the-blank, word searches, and even crossword puzzles. Whatever you can come up with to get the information in your student's memory banks will work so get creative.

Printable Reference Sheets

I am using the Printable Books of the Bible "Summary Sheets" myself alongside my personal daily Bible reading and study. I had already finished working through the book of Titus so I read and printed off that page to put in front of my notes I wrote during that study. This review came in time for the Colossians Bible study I have started. I was able to note the time, place, and context of this book which helped me see the “big picture” before diving in. I’m really enjoying these “cheat sheets” and will continue using them in future Bible studies. I think they would be great for church Bible study groups too.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. Other members of the Homeschool Review Crew also had a chance to review Books of the Bible At-a-Glance. Click on the picture below to read what they had to share.

Books of the Bible At-a-Glance { Teach Sunday School Reviews}

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