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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Brinkman Adventures: Season 6~ Review

Hi lovely readers. Do you and your family have a daily devotional time together? I love having time to read and discuss God’s Word together. Those times help us to take our focus off ourselves and challenges us to continue living by faith. Last month we were blessed once again with an opportunity to review the Brinkman Adventures.  If you haven’t heard about these adventures, you are missing out on a treat. This time we were sent a copy of the Season 6: Underground Rising and I want to share what we thought with you.

Brinkman Adventures- Underground Rising review
You may remember my review of Season 4 last year.  It was the 1st time we were introduced to these missionary stories. Brinkman Adventures is an exciting radio show based on true, modern, missionary stories that are told through the eyes of a fictional missionary family.  There are currently 6 seasons with a total of 60 episodes with stories that are dramatized through the Brinkman family. The audio dramas are all action-packed and faith-building. The adventures suit well for families with anyone ages 5 and up.


For our review, we were sent a digital copy of the Season 6: Underground Rising. These audios are sold in two different ways. You can purchase them as a 2 CD set for $23.99. It is also available as a digital download for $19.99. For that option, you will be emailed a download link after purchase.

Brinkman Adventures zipped files extracted

The download comes as a zipped-file that will need to be extracted on your laptop or computer before it can be played. In the pic above you see what it will look like once the files have been extracted. Now your files are ready to be listened to and is also ready to be synced with your phone or tablet. This is a plus for accessing your audios across multiple devices you may have.

Season 6 Episodes

As you can see above there are 6 episodes in the Brinkman Adventures Season 6: Underground Rising. The episodes start at number 55 and go all the way to 60. Each is around 25 minutes long. You can listen to previews on the website. You can also see (in the above picture) that each title has a theme, shows the character featured, and the region they are at. The theme reflects what the main character in the episode learns or experiences.

Unlike previous episodes, Season 6 consists of 2 hours of listening rather than 5 hours. You and your family will “learn about Christian heroes that will strengthen your faith and provide important teachable memories”. These audio dramas take you into the lives of missionary families showing you their love, faith, struggles, and most importantly sharing the love of Jesus with others around the world.

Checking out Real Stories

In Season 6 you will hear stories taking place in places like the Netherlands, India, Thailand, and Burma. The stories are not all what really happened, but you can read on the website the real stories behind the episodes. That’s what my son is doing in the pics above. These stories tell about God’s provision as well as lessons on the importance of listening to God, having faith, overcoming fear, showing humility, and persevering. If you’ve got little busybodies, the audios are great to listen to while traveling on the road during a 30 minute commute. They can also be a good way to start devotion time with your family.

My son and I listened to a couple of episodes together each week. We had some great conversations afterward. We talked about what he took away from the story and looked at areas in our lives where different subject matters spoke to or applied to our own lives. Dad was not able to join us since he was busy during those times. There were times he was within earshot and the excitement of the dramas piqued his interest. The first time he came into the room asking what we were listening to. He has always had a love of history and said some things from the stories sounded familiar. We explained that they were in fact based on true stories.

             Underground workers w-Red Cross Badges Making Oliebollen video
             Moaggot to Fly transformation Special Forces Training

My son’s favorite episodes were “Dutch Underground Part 1 and 2”. In this episode, the Brinkman girls are in Canada visiting their Dutch great grandmother whom they call Omie. My son has a fascination with hearing old stories and learning about Canada so we knew it would be good.  Omie (means grandmother in Dutch) told them the story about how her and their great grandfather were part of the Dutch Resistance during WWII. She made some Oliebollen for the girls that sounded like something delicious. On the real stories page, we got to watch a video of how they are made. My son also enjoyed looking at other videos like the one with a Maggot transforming into a Fly (Ewwwww), and footage of military Special Forces Training (how to become a Green Beret).

My favorite episodes were “Free Burma Rangers Parts 1 and 2”.  We listened as Dave Eubank’s faith was being challenged from a young boy growing up in Thailand (because his family was missionaries) who was saved by his dog from a tiger, cried out for God to save him when he developed a fever, to a man on his way to becoming a Green Beret. He met a woman named Karen that he fell in love with. She kept turning down his proposals for marriage. This was a time where his faith was really stretched. Dave also didn’t know how much his faith would be tested after being called to a mission to help bring hope and healing to those fleeing from the Burmese army in Burma. This reminds me of all the times when my faith is stretched how I need to continue trusting God.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of Season 6: Underground Rising from Brinkman Adventures. Before I go let me share that I have been given permission to offer my readers a coupon code for 10% off of what you purchase from the Brinkman Adventures website.  The coupon code to use at checkout is FALL10. This will get you 10% off their products and the coupon is good from October 10th - the 31st. Other members of the Homeschool Review Crew also had a chance to listen to these as well.  Click on the picture below to read their thoughts.

Brinkman Adventures Season 6 Reviews

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