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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Thankful for~ 11/8/18

I am thankful for...

The Homeschool Review Crew (the Crew). This group has been such a blessing in our lives. I started with the Crew during their Maiden Voyage in 2008. Although I took a few years off (2013-2015), I came back because I missed being able to share my product reviews with the homeschooling community. I have gotten a chance to test all kinds of great curricula, educational games, online programs, apps, and even stuff just for mom. Being part of the Crew made me aware of products that we would have never heard of or been able to afford to try. I was so grateful for the exposure to new and might I add exciting products. Many of the products were helpful in my son getting the credits he needed to graduate. There were also things that helped him with some of his learning challenges as a special needs student.

Being a reviewer on the Homeschool Review Crew helped me be a better blogger, product reviewer, and writer. I will miss the private forum where you feel like you're part of a family. This is a place full of support, where you'll be encouraged in your homeschooling journey, can submit prayer requests and know you'll be prayed for, ask for technical help for blogging and navigating social media, ask for advice with other areas of life, and have a leadership team that's awesome to work with. It's bittersweet for me now that I've come to the end of my Crew journey. I feel so truly blessed. With that being said the 2019 Homeschool Review Crew Applications are now open. There's still time to apply but don't wait too long. If you homeschool and have a blog, I hope you consider joining this awesome team. You can also check out the Homeschool Review Crew on Facebook.

Veteran's Day is coming up on Sunday. Let's be thankful for all of our Veterans! Thank them for your sacrifice and service.

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Kristen H said...

So sorry that you are coming to the end of your journey with the Crew! I have enjoyed getting to read your posts.

Mrs. Rhodes said...

I'm so happy to hear that Kristen. Thanks! Yes, it has been a rewarding journey. We finished homeschooling in May but I stayed until the end of this Crew year.

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